Nonso Diobi: Don’t Call Me Boo, My Name Is Nonso

In those days, there used to be some names that were reserved for someone very close to one’s heart, someone special; love, sweetie, darling, honey, etc. Those names made people feel very special when they hear their partner call them, but today the rules seem to have changed.

Most people would call him old-fashioned for complaining about how girls choose to call every Dick and Harry those names that used to be sacred now, but Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi has his reasons.

“I prefer it when a girl calls me by my name than for her to call me ‘BOO’ ‘SWEETIE’ ‘LOVE’ etc. when she calls all the guys same,” Nonso said via Twitter.

What do you think? Does it mean anything to you that he/she calls other guys ‘boo’ ‘honey’ ‘baby’ and still calls you same?

Is Nonso right to think the way he did or he’s just old fashioned?