Ten Fashion Commandments You Should Keep To Look Fabulous

ten commandments

You should have noticed how big a business looking good is today. Suffice to say people judge you based on how you look nowadays, and what you wear is a function of how you look.

Here are ten fashion commandments that will help you a great deal to look good with little effort as Eureka Reporters take you through a journey of fabulousness in fashion.

1. Disregard trends.
You shouldn’t wear something just because it’s of the fashion moment. You have to be yourself, find what looks good on you, and embrace it, even if it’s not in vogue. The biggest fashion faux pas is trying to look like somebody else.

2. Never underestimate the power of details.
The last thing on is the first thing noticed. Take necklaces as example. Food stains don’t count though.

3. Keep it simple
For the average guy, it’s about building a personal wardrobe that looks great on you. Don’t make it complicated. When you have a choice between two items, choose the simpler one.

4. A garment should never be made of more than 25 percent of an unnatural fiber.
A little bit of polyester isn’t going to kill you. A lot of polyester? That’s a different story.

5. Experiment with style.
If you make mistakes, life goes on.

6. Never go shopping alone.
You’ve got the store trying to sell you items and you are not sure you look right. But if you have a friend along, you can always get an objective opinion from someone who knows you.

7. Don’t overdo it.
You want to be noticed for a look that’s yours, and not because you look clownish. Overdoing is like crying, “Oh, look at me!!” I think it’s far better to be noticed for subtlety than for garishness.

8. Never wear anything sheer.
Let’s leave the exposed nipples to Janet Jackson, shall we? But even the last time I checked, Janet was all covered up. Thanks anyway Janet, for the mammaries we used to see.

9. Spend with reason.
I encourage many trips to the mall or to your favourite fashion retailer. However, when shopping becomes an addiction, and you have to move every two weeks to flee creditors, you officially have a big problem.

10. Cashmere is seasonless.
Wear it in winter. Wear it in summer. Wear it to bed and to garden in for all I care, but cashmere is never, ever the wrong answer.

Write the commandments on your heart and ensure you don’t forget them. You can dress simple and look fabulous, you just have to learn how.

With love from,

Carson Kressley, Former Associate Director of Creative Development for Ralph Lauren.

Now, how’s that for a bragging right?