The Integrity Of Purpose

integrity of purpose

Integrity is a very popular word, so popular that its usage cuts across all ages, schools of thoughts, social class and religion affiliation to say but the least. One thing is certain, it can never be overemphasised both in discourse and relevance.

To start with, just take a wild guess of any prime mover in any sphere of life and you would route his achievements, accolades, ingenuity, thoughtfulness etc., to the subject at hand. I have chosen to dissect in it in two closely related halves (though none is independent of the other).

Integrity of character is what differentiates great achievers from mediocre, in that, they never settle for less, they do not need to step on toes and hurt people’s feelings just because they want to get up there, they are not dubious but pragmatic, they are not pessimistic but optimistic, they are self-disciplined, and they always leave indelible marks wherever they set their feet, and whosoever they come across they treat with respect rather than contempt.

Check the dossier of facts you can lay your hands on, as regards leaders who have abused power in time past, businessmen who have faltered, technocrats who could not replicate their previous series of success and invariably stars and celebrities who have found stardom challenging and you would be convinced that they lack this special ingredient of permanence.

Like its better half, purpose in the integrity view is very vital. Where purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable. Integrity of purpose demands you do your checks and balances well enough beforehand. There is a popular maxim which says ‘success comes when opportunity meets preparedness’. No aspiring great man would make his plans on magical templates. Grow up! The Supreme one is not a magician. I’m not in any way saying He doesn’t perform miracles, but He keeps emphasising the need for diligence in all His books, I stand to be corrected there’s no way you can exude the trait of purpose without diligence.

The first task life affords everyone is to define the purpose of his existence. Don’t be a confused person. Don’t just follow people dogmatically. Rather, pause at every juncture of life and see if there is any synergy, alignment between where you are at the moment (bearing in mind that whatever takes your time, makes your life), the people you spend your life with, your targets, aspirations, vision and mission, and what you are cut-out for. Are you indeed progressing or retarding?

Integrity of purpose will always ensure you stay in tandem with what the creator has called you to become and not settle for whatever situations and circumstances throw at you.

Conclusively, having integrity of character and purpose would make you self-disciplined, dogged, resilient, purpose-driven, civil, humane, ingenious, focused, humble, an agent of change, practise routine self-evaluation cum adjustment, and without mincing words, God-fearing, since the God-factor is of great importance in all endeavours.

Checking through the aforementioned, all in a kitty, one would have absolutely all it takes to surmount mountains and turn them to gold mines, invest into people’s lives (the best of all investments), overcome trials and temptations, be a reference point of all goodies and I dare say you would become the ideal definition of success. [Babajide Fayoyiwa]