8 Reasons Why I Hate Born-again Christians – Uzodike Okafor


Number One – They claim to know and understand everything.

Number Two – They believe that their ideas and perception of things is the absolute truth and any other contrary opinion is garbage.

Number Three – They have a very poor dressing habit.

Number Four – They hardly accept people the way they are. Always looking for who to change to become like them by fire by force.

Number Five – They use the name of God to blackmail people. By this I mean trying to persuade you to do what you don’t want to do in the name of doing it for God.

Number Six – They pretend a lot.

Number Seven – They hardly make use of their natural instincts or thinking faculty. To them, nothing is true except it is written in the bible.

Number Eight – They focus more on threatening people with the existence of hell fire instead of advising them on how to lead a better life.


  1. D sykology of using hell fire to threaten pples reasonin was initiated in d roman church in d sixtent century as a sykological weapon of cowing pple to submission into beign a convert or fire will burn ur soul wen u die but tday d romans have only suceeded in enrichin demselves thru a larger deception against mankind nd today i tnk god dat d europeans have totaly abandond goin to church nd hav taken to ftball, science nd teknology nd a move for a newworld other dat wuold be free frm religios mentality

  2. The reason it’s that way is because the so called born again xtians are not born of the spirit of christ which they profess but of the spirit of pride and self exaltation. Most of them will not set foot in the kingdom of heaven. And this is the truth. This also includes their so called men of God and pastors. Most of the popular pastors are agents of satan who will end up in hell.

  3. The writer of this article must be out of his/her senses.though I don’t expect him to say good things about the born again christains because I know that only candidates of hell would raise an issue of these magnitude.the only correction I’ll like to make is the picture he posted alongside his/her filthy post.born agians are blessed children of the most high God and not reched individuals adored with over-sized cloths.if u hate born again christains and their decent life-styles,then I know for sure that you most be a lover of worthless fellows who goes about in the streets half necked.you are nothing less than a fool.

  4. JOHN 3V20and21 For everyone praticing evil hater the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in GOD.

  5. Truth is not a respecter of any personality, it is always painful 2 embrace it bcose it hurt d victims like hell, criticising nd rejecting it does not stop it preverence, accepting it gives us more ground 2 face d reality of life. Hiding our wrong deeds does not erase them frm existence, it only postpond it 4 a time being which it resurfacing poses more danger 2 our lives. Lets learn how 2 accept d truth not minding it source.

  6. you have stated the truth, wether or not it has affected some individuals personality and they are therefore fighting back, it is the truth. religion has made us backward in this country, blind faith in a supreme being and following orders like a robot or obedient dog, have you christians ever thought of it ‘what if you where wrong’? what if it was another God from another religion that is the ultimate, ‘what if God never existed’. search for the basic truth and stop acting like zombies.

    • Brandy,av u ever sat down n tot abt how u n ur ancestors n their ancestors came into being?It was made possible by a force,God.And talkin abt if d christian God is d real God,i implore u to challenge HIM n see if HE’d not appear to U.And lastly,a true born-again christian wldnt do all d things d writer said they re doing.I rest my case.

  7. I am born again and all you have written I see it as being born out of ignorance. I do not agree to what u have written except “that nothing is true unless it’s in the Bible.” pls try and accept Christ into your life and you will see what you have been missing

  8. I like what brandy said. Religion has made we africans backward. The bible said it too; My people are perished due to lack of knowledge. Being a christian is suppose to make you a pacesetter while others follow suit but reverse is the case. The born again don’t use their brains agains rather they prefer to be the slave. I pray for God to illuminate their mind and spirit to know the truth. I also pray for the spirit of Wisdom, Revelation, and strong Faith in God to all our christian brothers and sisters.

  9. Some of what this man stated are correct. Please don’t get me wrong or take me as a non believer, I am a good christian attending Church of Anglican Communion. Many are times where some of we christians don’t want to hear a non-believer’s perspective at all, all that rings in our memory is “evil communication corrupts good manner” in this situation whereas we need to be information conscious so as to avoid some critical worldly mistake.

    I personally hate how some christian’s dresses, they dress as if Jesus frankly says thou shalt not look good. many are times I feel bad when I see how some dresses giving the unbeliever that mind set that “you must carry a poverty look if you are a christian”. Let’s get things right “Christ was never a poor man, he never begs but gives; he never look odd but handsome and expensive”. Shalom…Peace be unto us!!

  10. Some of Okafor’s reasons about christians are truth. Many of so called born again christians interprete the Words of GOD base on their perceptions and not based on GOD’s wisdom and understandings to interprete the Words. GOD said He did not come for the safed ones but for those that are yet to be safed. But today, many of so called born again christians try to deassociate them selves from those that are yet to be born again, regarding them as sinners. Did Jesus teach us that way when He was on earth? NO. Many dress in a way that GOD’s name will be molested due to their shabby dressings. I blv that GOD’s name and His works wll be glorified on you when you dress well. Holy is GOD and every one is expected to be holy before Him, which includes the way you dress. Finally, the worst of all is when you are not going to the same church with them. Forgeting that GOD is one, whether we blv it or not. My prayer is that GOD should help our faith in Him in the race. To Okarfoh, do not hate born again christians based on what you stated but work based on what GOD put or lay in your heart. There is a saying in yoruba adage which goes thus, ENIYAN MIWOJU, OLUWA MI WOKAN, OHUN TOLORUN YIO SE KOSENIKAN TOYE. This means that, people judge you by face or appearance but GOD looks straightly to your heart. And no one understand what GOD will do.

  11. My dear Uzodike Okafor,
    I am curious to really understand y u would hate born again christians so much as to come up wit dis stereotypically erroneous excuses. You are clearly misguided & disgruntled. However, let me attempt to help ur ignorance (assuming u want 2 b helped).
    Firstly, Born again xtians do not claim 2 know everything or why do u think we go to church regularly? B’cos we want 2 learn more, or why do we go 2 skool? We hav born again xtians in almost all fields of human endeavour, how manage? Because dey submitted themselves to someones superior knowledge and skill thereby learning frm such an individual, hence they become drs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artist etc. Some of d best ideas that drive our society & economy came from church folks.
    These brings 2 naught ur preposterous 1st & 2nd excuses.
    You also claimed that Born again xtians dnt accept pple d way they are? How unreasonable can a man be? Listen, one fundamental principle of christianity is ‘accomodation’, there’s room 4 everybody to come to christ, Jesus said “come unto me all you who labour & are heavy laden & I will give u rest”. The gospel is more abt ‘sinners’ than it is abt believers. But while we accept them d way they are we do not expect them to remain dat way cos that’s what salvation is abt; Change!
    The crap abt pretext? How do u define ‘pretend’? Is it when someone’s high moral standards beats ur reasoning, u then conclude they must be pretending b’cos u jst can’t imagine a mortal like u living such ‘pure’ life.
    You talked abt dressing: u shd go to church my brother & u’ll learn how to dress. The church is where pple really dress. Not in ur so-called social celebrity circle where some clean piece of ‘rags’ are sewn 2gether 2 barely cover demselves.
    It is a shame that u hav chosen 2 torment urself dis way. Life doesn’t hav 2 b entirely ur way, I shd let u know that born again xtians do not hav 2 please u 2 b’com one, d goal is 2 please God & if some deviants get offended in d process, I dare say that we owe no one any apology for we do not apologize 4 being christians . My brother Jesus loves u & so do all genuine born again xtians. God Bless you.

  12. pls do not black mail God and his followers, lf their life style and behavior is not good pls keep ur eyes and lips off them, list u provoke angry God to fight and defend his people. This scriptures will help u lf truely ur not looking for trouble against the born again christains.. Zechariah 2:8 mathew13:4 mathew21:44 jude1:6-8.

  13. Saul hated born again christians too. He became one of them. A wise man once said your passion is a pointer to your destiny. The reason you claim to hate christians is because there is tug on your heart to repent but the devil is asking u how can you be like those charltans?. My brother give in to God and get the best out of life. Becoming a born again christian is the best decision you will make in life. All those reasons are lies of the devil.

  14. All this your cheap popularity stunts, criticising churches, pastors, born again Christians…..the truth is that people are ignoring your story, just 20 comments and Information Nigeria has thousands of followers don’t make people unfollow them…….give your life to Christ and make Heaven.

  15. Ignorance, ignorance. You can say what u are saying bcs bcs u r nt born again, a true child of God knws every point u raised are nt true except 4 one, dat nothn els is true except d bible. There is somethn els sir of al d point raised one thng is sure, d best of life is in Christ

  16. first of all,any. Real born again wont posses some of those characteristics but one thing I want to tell you is that ignorance is not and excuse before god. what is your hope beyond the grave? ,the day you will die and open your eyez in that hell you are afraid to hear about,then you will release what jesus did for you by die for you on the cross ,and also never been born again. Thank God i am born again.

  17. I absolutely disagree to this blog against Born Again Christian. I was born with a family of another christian group and so blessed that God brought me to Born Again Christianity where the truth is being taught. There are lots of pitfalls in ?????!… people are practicing blind faith.. studying of bible are not encourage. People pretend to be religious with no basis. They practice faith thru what is being customed or taught by church minister/priest… instead of self seeking of the truth in the bible.. there is freedom to sin. Being Born Again means…full surrender to God, trying to follow the will of God with the guidance of Holy Spirit. To make it clear to you, we are not claiming we are righteous.. all men sin and that is the reason why we have to walk deeper and closer to God for His forgiveness. We must try our best to walk in holiness to achieve his kingdom. You have only said these 8 reasons you hate in born again christian, its because you are not ready to surrender your life to him.. your are not ready to give up your shortcomings/pitfalls to God. Have once seek the word of God in the bible, God has been knocking and talking to you.. just try to listen to His small voice, open you heart to Him.. you will realize/experience the marvelous thing that never happened in your life.