Extreme Photography: Marine Photographer Captures Hundreds of Wide-eyed Fishes Posing for Picture

Nature photographers often spend painstaking hours waiting for the perfect picture to present itself. But sometimes, as this photo shows, the best images simply spring up on you.


After three years of hard graft, marine photographer Octavio Aburto finally got his money shot of a school of Bigeye Travellies swimming in the Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico.

The fish, also known as ‘Bigeye Jack’, gather in their thousands during the mating season. Dedicated snapper Aburto from California, who has photographed marine ecosystems in Mexican coastal waters since 1994, was able to stand his ground as the fish hurtled towards his camera, apparently posing for a picture.

We reckon they’d be pleased with the end result.

Source: Premium Times