3 Foods That Are Killing You And Need To Be Removed From Your Diet


If you love your heart then you need to severely restrict or remove some foods from your diet. It’s not about punishing yourself; it’s about keeping yourself alive. There are a lot of tasty foods out there that are healthier, so just replace some of these food with something healthier.

You need to kick Alfredo sauce out of your diet.

The three main ingredients in it are butter, salt and cheese which are often consumes each on their own but still manage to be harmful to your health. You can restrict the amount that you use by asking for the sauce on the side and only using a little of it. The key with Alfredo sauce is moderation. Avoid heaping portions of pasta and large amounts of sauce and you can still keep a little bit of Alfredo in your life.

Fried foods are a killer.

Restaurants fry food in the same oil over and over again, which may taste good on your chicken or fires but it is definitely not good for you. Trans fats begin to build up in the grease as more and more food is fried in it. If you fry your foods in olive oil then you will cause less damage to your body. Olive oil is a heart healthy oil, so if you have to fry something, fry it in that.


Soda is not good for you either because of all of the sugar in it.

Just by consuming one sugar-filled drink a day, men increase their likelihood of having a heart attack by 20 percent. Diet soda increases your risk of stroke and death too, so it would probably be best if your stuck to vegetable juices and water.


  1. very soon una go talk say make we stop to eat eba,soup,rice,yam.very soon food go turn wetin go dey kill man,i wonder wat we will feed on the long run,if research is been made evryday on food people should desist from,maybe we will feed on human flash,rubbish