For Men: What To Wear With A White Dress Shirt

Rarely has there ever been a piece of clothing more ubiquitous, or more versatile than the white shirt.

However, the white shirt has gotten a bad wrap lately as being boring, a fashion-less relic left in the dust of all the bright and shiny shirts it spawned. So to debunk that myth, the following article is set to show you that with the addition of just a few small elements, you can turn a basic white shirt into the foundation of a brilliant outfit.

1. The Navy Suit
The Navy Suit

Perhaps the most underrated, the most simple, and the most effective combo for a white dress shirt is the classic navy blue suit. Put on a blue navy suit, a crisp white dress shirt and matching tie for that fresh pressed Monday morning look, and drop the tie for a very European casual-chic.

2. A Sweater & Jeans

A Sweater & Jeans
A classic no-fuss, low maintenance look, throw on a pair of jeans, and pull any good clean sweater over the shirt. Though some argue that you shouldn’t tuck a dress shirt into jeans, the tail that a shirt produces can peek out the back and look unpleasantly sloppy, so tuck it in.

This is a great casual choice that can be adapted for any look from young to old, from rich to poor. Just make sure the sweater is a good piece that’s clean and fits slimly but not snugly; also make sure the dress shirt underneath fits just as well, even if you can’t see much of it.

3. The Herringbone / Tweed Sportcoat

The Herringbone  Tweed Sportcoat

Rock the schoolteacher look by adding a herringbone or tweed blazer to your white shirt. Leave the shirt open for a casual sort of look; add a touch of prep by throwing on a bow tie.

The blazer screams academia and old world class, and pairing them with slacks or jeans can add a level of formality or casualness as needed.

4. Shorts & Sandals

Shorts & Sandals

An overlooked beach option, combining a white dress shirt with a pair of sandals and swim shorts is a great way to take this shirt from the boardroom to the surfboard. White reflects the heat of the sun, and even a heavy weight white cotton shirt will keep you feeling cool; this is your chance to wear it rumpled, and roll those sleeves up.

5. A Leather Jacket
A Leather Jacket

Throw a white shirt under a leather jacket for a James Dean inspired badass look. The key here is to pair the quality of your shirt with the quality of your jacket; preferably rebel-chic with a won motorcycle jacket and a worn in white shirt.

6. On It’s Own

The key here is to not over think it. A white dress shirt on its own, paired with a good pair of jeans is a great casual option; pair it with a brown leather belt and a pair of your favorite plimsoles, and you’re good to go. Just remember that sometimes a white shirt can always make a variety of statements. [EveryGuyed]