Ask Jay: I Had a Fling With My Fiance’s Friend! What Should I Do?


Dear Jay,

Should I tell my fiancé that I once had a fling with one of his friends before we met?


Dear B.B,

Honesty can be a very scary thing but the truth really does set you free. The sad fact is, if you don’t tell your fiancé, someone else will and things will turn out worse than if he had heard it from you.

The best thing in this situation is for you to be honest with him. If he truly does love you, I’m sure he won’t leave you especially since it was before you met him. Either way, you’ll feel better about yourself if you just open up and tell him the truth. I hope this was helpful. I wish you the very best.



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  1. B.B if you”re smart and have come to know the error of your ways, do yourself a favour and stay mute. trust me, everyone’s got secret s ofbtheir own…even ur fiance.


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