Ask Jay: I Married My Cousin’s Ex and Now I’m Afraid They’re Sleeping Together. Please Help!

jealous man

Dear Jay,

I am married to a woman who used to be my cousin’s girlfriend but during that time there was no any intimate affair between them.  My cousin had nothing against our union. Now we are married and my cousin and I live in the same compound but I always I have a feeling that they are having an affair even though we are both married. What should I do?



Dear O.F,

It can be uncomfortable to be in close contact with your partner’s ex. It gives rise to a lot of insecurity and that is probably what you’re feeling right now. I suggest that you calm down and take your mind off it.

However, my candid advice is that, if you can, you should move out of that house and if you can’t, just refuse all negative thoughts and believe the best of your wife and cousin. This is very essential for your own peace of mind. I hope this was helpful. I wish you the very best.



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