[Opinion] Muslim Girls Are The Most Virtuous in Nigeria

Thumbs up to Nigerian Islamic girls!

Judging from real life deductions, it is evident that in the realm of changes in audacity and sexuality amongst women presently, the Muslim women amongst us has managed to remain calm-headed, thus winning the coveted title of “ Virtuous, Prudent and Morally sufficient”.
It is evident in the way they dress with all sensitive parts of their bodies covered unlike most of their Christian mates who have embraced the famous craze for fashion and sexuality. Is it of wonder then that out of every 10, sixteen year old Muslim girls, one is sure to discover at least eight virgins. Given the same statistics, there won’t amount up to three Christian virgins of the same age!
Mainly some are of the opinion that the average Muslim girl child is fed with little or no ambition from childhood. So they don’t have the courage or leverage to face up to half the daring things Christian girls of the same age put up with to carve a financial niche for themselves.
Whether this it true or not,everyone is entitled to an opinion. Mine remains that irrespective of what a christain girl feels she has had to face, modesty and virtue should be the hallmark of her existence. If as people imagine stern Islamic laws, also account for good conduct amongst Muslim women, then are the horrors of the “great fires of hell” not enough for the christian girl?

By Susan Uchenna


    • This Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ a new low for infonaija. ¶ can’t believe just hφω daft d writer of this op piece Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷….did she organise a poll,live with muslims in †ђξ north α̲̅πϑ Ψђåƭ ǎ̜̣̍я̲̅e her method of sampling, sampling error e.t.c. Your dress does №†̥ indicate H̶̲̥̊φω many sexual partners U̶̲̥̅̊’ve had….

  1. Hey!!! Go Τ̅☺ Kaduna and Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡​ ♓☺w Τ̲̅ђέy press breast and fuck long hijabite sisters under there §ø called hijab…. This is a proven fact….
    Virtuous lies in th heart and mind not dressing

  2. i doubt the author, igbo girl and christain. the author imagines the condition but in reality, muslim men expose girls of about 8years and even below to s*xuality. every where in their enclave VVF abound. the men searching for virgins go so low to force themselves on immature tender girl. how do you expect to see virgins of 16 when the men pluck them off so early in life. so dont fool yourselves with such lies.

  3. . . . and dont be fooled by the covering. they seem holy and innocent but are very terrible. they cover the head but open up . . . we in the north know them. even the married ones in purdah, get them at a corner and you will be given a treat. believe me, the more you look the . . .

  4. D truth dey say is very bitter,islam is only d religion dat teaches such moral and also stand by it. go to churches today and see 4urself d kind of clothes dat are bein. Wear by deir women including adult and so called married women. Dey wear. Notin.
    All dis inmoral dresses lids to a lot of atrocities in d nation wich contribute to d increase in sexual urge of men wc also result to raping and others.

  5. And to b kindid all styles of dressin adopt by nigeria girls result from d called civilization under agent of music stars ,actresses and imitating d white pple.dey dance nakedly without any sense of mdesty or watsoeva , weairin of bra along street is neva seen as big deal, But only islamic is always against all immoral act.
    Anybody denying dis fact does dat becos of religion sentiment nt becos of fact.

  6. This is absolutely true,cos indecency is d basis of identifying christain girls in our schools, markets nd any form of social gathering. that’s y 80% of rape victims are christain girls. islamic conducts nd moral values are d best.

  7. Who is a christian ?somebody who is like Jesus christ talk like him ,dress deciently like him relate and behave like him ,any body who has the quality /attribute of christ is a true christian so the so call people the moslem says dress provokatively are not christian take note of that.and again if you attend a bible living church there they preach against indecient dressing and other evil vices people do this day. May God help us

  8. We can count the number of muslim girls wearing that their gown you are using as a yardstick. Compare that with the number in the christian community you will find out you are wrong. Even out of this number more than half are pretentious. Why then do we have this common vir…..l discharge among young mothers in the muslim dominated part of the country. If you think this girls are virgins, just try the old man trick on them and you will be surprise at their experience. Please let us talk better thing jare.

  9. I dont think this writeup is neccessary in d first place because its reality or falsehood has no positive effect on the sectional and religious unity that will necessitate our co existence as one indivisible country rather, it could bring about bigotry and heat up the security inconsistency we are experiencing. i think every post should reflect a message of hope and strenght in our unity. thanks

  10. God will punish u, idiot, who d fuck sat dwn to give d yeye award u’re talkin abt. U beta find something good to think abt wif ur head, as if virtue lies in dressing. Pinpoint Christians(real ones) who doesn’t dress decently.

  11. Good!Islam preaches decency&morals and not otherwise.Concious muslims should know dat indecent dresin contradicts his/her religion.Wether u lyk it/not wearing uncovered clothes is frowned at in Islam.Only God knows who forbids filthy actions.Hijab is just one of order women shld follow.Hence,behavn somhow doesnt say hijab sistas are wayward.

  12. We could hit a ROAD-BLOCK if we are to rate the level of Virginity, Conduct and Heart Issues with Religious Coverage. True Christian Gals n Guys embraces the advent of Technology which has inturn changed lives POSITIVELY (In various aspect) the Islamic Folk are pose with the advent of Technology with which has increased the level of Bomb Production and Lost of Lives. So, Religion shuld not be the best cratering in judging this…

  13. It is unfortunate that the writer is so myopic in Christian knowledge. The name Mary, Janet, Elizabeth etc does not conote Christianity. There are wordly girls whose ambition is to go the way of the world.
    No christian girl dresses to expose her sensitive parts, and mind you, Christianity is a life free from worldly influence. This why there is always alter call away from the world system.
    There is no compulsion in Christianity, life and death are options to everyone on earth.
    Majority of the hijab wearing girls don’t put on bra, they dangle their breast for all to see.
    Talking of hell, even you the writer is not far from hell for judging people by mere appearance and asumption, and not by righteousness.


  15. Alot of writeup, different people with different idea. Apart from religion, does our own culture encourages indecent dressing..NO. Islam teaches everything about life but bcos Islam is not the only religion in Nigeria we against it. Most of scientist work are being found in the Qur’an and in the teachings of the Prophet(pbuh).
    The fact is that xtians dont follow the bible anymore otherwise they follow the west.
    covering of head for a girl is in the bible,,,,,,,,,all the cartoons about the story of jesus and others where did u see woman wearing miniskirt or tight clothe and even not covering their head.
    To bend down and take what fell down from you became problem in the church bcos of your dressing, and the pastor will never discuss that as a topic.
    Alhamdulillahi for Islam as put me through.
    Eni tobaleti ni kogbo

  16. i think we r missing some points here the writer of this piece actually made comparison. what was pinpointed was that relatively muslims are morally upright because goin by the teachings of islam, any act of immorality is frowned at be it dressing or otherwise. i beliv christianity taught same wen the bible says ‘ur body is the temple of God so preserve it’ but one cant imagine the kind of dresses xtians do to the church today and even the pastors are not left out

  17. Islam is a religion that teaches peace and modesty……u guys are all ranting about people in the north that hide their bad characters under hijabs……whether u guys believe it or not muslim girls are well brought up than christian girls and a true muslim girl won’t hide anyfin under her hijab…..how many pastors and churches encourage decency? Pastor chris for example perms his hair and how do u expect his followers to be on the right path? U would never go to any mosque and find any imam doing such…….so I go with the writer of this blog…..MUSLIM GIRLS ARE THE MOST VIRTUOUS IN NIGERIA.

  18. Stop hiding under that stupid statement “its not the dressing, its the heart” for what u have in ur heart will truly be revealed thru ur appearance nd ur action, u can’t expose ur body to seduce everyone that sees u and u say “its nt 4rm ur heart”.

  19. The writer is an ignorant or probably insane,if not he will not write a provoking nonsense,useless effort in a time like this in this country.I want to ask where’re are we going with our religious madness,instead of our religions create peace,harmony and communitydevelopment,we use it as aweapon of war and hatred.Dressing has a big message indeed,but thatnot enough for anybody to carelessly intimidate or cruxify other religion bcos u ppl do ur religion.I want all to know that not all so call xtian arextian

  20. not so call moslem are real moslems.let aside our religious differences if we must go forward ,if we want good government ,peace community development moslems and xtians needs to work together to create enabling environment for our future generation to succed and bless us instead of curse .

  21. Truth is trust while false is always false both d 2 are physically observable phenomenon no any reasonable human being will denied,and observable phenomenon are true element of reseach or investigation,islam teach decency,modesty,calmness in universality good behaviour 4 both mens and womens 4 protection of their chastity and social integrity,therfore trusth always reveal itself and is been accepted by trusthworsy and rejected by falsifier.

  22. I think d writer is saying d truth, bcs immorality,indicency prvcativ dress is seing as frdom in xstnity rlign, i m nt sprise bcs most of our pastors are wtching film evry sunday not prching u knw wht i mn, he he, no controversy, thats d bitter truth.

  23. The writer is being objective and honest (as a chtian). But most commentators condemning her for driving home the fact or trying to turn the other side of the table are only doing that out of blind religious sentiment.

  24. Are you trying to say that due to the cunning attitude of a few that wear the hijab then the large majority that do that out of modesty and decency should just drop it and join the band wagon (of nudity and licenciouness)? Or you are saying that is what is obtainable in convents with the nuns ?

  25. Dis is a general belivable fact. No religion teaches MORALITY & MODESTY as islam does. So, dis shudn’t b surprising or arqueable matter. We ar nt saying dat dei no bad ones among d muslim umma, but d number of dem is mor less than thoz among christian. And dis, no doubt, is as a result of d gud teaching of islam. Islam is not a religion 4 d lazy, dishonest. Selfishness, worldly tings lover, nudity exposers, terrorist, e. t. c

  26. Islam and her culture is perfect. Most muslim girls in the north are a representation of proverbs 30 and 31 of the bible. Xtian girls in the south are not virtuous. The writer of this article has done extensive research and speaks the truth. If u think otherwise, u are only basing ur arguments on hear-say and ethno-religious bias. I have had my fair share of experience with the north and as a prolific casanova, I was amazed at the high levels of moral virtues practiced by the northern muslim girls. Yes, bad eggs exist everywhere; likewise bad company corrupts good manners. But as a matter of fact, the northern muslim girls are far better behaved than the wild xtian girls of the south.

  27. Islam and her culture is perfect. If there is a prevalence of the HIV epidemic in the north, it is as a result of the activities of the promiscuous nature of men;not necessarily the muslim women. Most muslim men of the north are travelers. And they usually have no restrain as to containing the libido. And so ur sister and mine represents the source to quell such appetites,hence the contraction of STDs. As for the “Alhajis” bedding little girls in “hijab”, it may have been a xtian girl in disguise as a muslim. I tell u most solemnly : a muslim girl from the north who attends to her religious obligations will never ever succumb to such debasing actions. Only those negligible few that has been arrested by the devil will go contrary to islamic norms. But the yoruba muslims girls are another matter. They are more the reason islam is shed on a bad spotlight and muslim girls seen as being pretentious.

  28. True a girls religion may have an effect in her ways of life and practices. the whole world has become wetsernized past all of that, women who are sexually active and enjoy sex may be promiscous irrespective of religious affinity or marital status. And why the spotlight on women, what about the men who are sleeping with them? or are they trees? So many things are happening that we do not know, Muslims are capable and guilty of adultery as much as christians whether married or not. We are all adults. This right here is the reason why there is so much religious riots and disputes. Im sure Miss Uchenna was just voicing out her own opinion albeit very stupidly because if truly she is educated, she should know that statements involving religion in nigeria should not just be said without any backing. Where are the statistics to prove your statements as facts, where are your references or resources where you got your thought provoking statements. Meanwhile, it is common knowledge that it is every man for him self on judgement daY, not me and my pastor or me and our imam. Just you, your habits and your past deeds. So for every girl who commits adultery or fornicators. God know the number to your house o. Peace people, Life isn’t as hard as this.

  29. Well said … and that is what makes Islam the fastest growing Religion in the World

    Even the enlighten Christian evangelists are attesting to this fact:

    “More than 1 in 4 adults are leaving the Christian faith” says John Ankerberg

    and where do they go to if you may ask him?….

    “68,000 people are becoming Muslims every 24 hours” says John Ankerberg – a Christian Evangelist.

    Amongst these reverts are scientists (http://bit.ly/11r8eTR) and other business people (http://bit.ly/13yC8DC)