Relationships: How to Handle a Jealous Partner

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Jealousy can cause a lot of problems in a relationship, especially when it’s not tackled in time. Here are a few ways to nip jealousy in the bud before it destoys your relationship

1. Don’t Give Your Partner a Reason to be Jealous

This is the basic rule in order to avoid your partner’s jealousy. If you really love him/her, you should control your instincts and try to avoid any form of betrayal. In this way you will prevent yourself from having to deal with any type of difficulties.  Don’t cheat, don’t arouse jealousy, and don’t give your partner any reason to be insecure, skeptical and controlling.

2. Think about Your Relationship

You should first ask yourself if you truly love your partner. If you do, and you really want your relationship to continue and evolve, then you will have to face his/her insecurity and try to find a way to help your relationship.

3. Address Your Partner’s Anxieties

Don’t pretend that the problem doesn’t exist .The best way to deal with a jealous partner is to talk about his/her fears, and discover where his insecurity comes from. In this way you will encourage a solution to the problem, which will greatly benefit your relationship.

4. Find out the Source of Your Partner’s Insecurity

Jealousy and similar emotional insecurities can often be a result of previous great life traumas, which need to be talked through out loud. Was your partner seriously hurt by an ex who cheated on him and now he’s afraid you are going to do the same? Did his parents betray each other? Talk to your partner and show your understanding and willingness to help them through the hurt.

5. Build Your Partner’s Confidence

As I’ve mentioned above, in most cases jealousy comes from personal insecurities. Help your partner increase his/her self-esteem and build self-confidence. Remind your partner always that you love all their wonderful qualities and be generous with compliments.  Reassure your partner that no one can replace them in your heart.

6. Honesty is the Best Policy!

Be honest with your partner. In moments when you feel nervous and anxious, don’t lie. Express your feelings. Tell the truth as much as you can. Don’t make up excuses such as work, family problems or similar. You will just end up lying and entangling yourself in messy situations. Sooner or later, the truth will come out, and this will make everything worse

7. Don’t Allow Them Control You

As much as you care about your partner, your life doesn’t belong to them so you can’t let them have total control over you. Consider their feelings as much as you can but sometimes you just have to put your foot down and avoid being manipulated. Love is not a prison, don’t let anyone make it so for you.



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