US Report On Nigeria: Shame On You, ACN Tells PDP, FG

acn_vs_pdpThe Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the government it controls at the centre as the bastion of corruption and asked them to cover their faces in shame.

ACN was reacting to a media report which said that US Congress has confirmed mass corruption at all levels of the Nigerian government.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said, “What Nigerians have always believed has been confirmed from other lands. According to media reports today (Sunday April 21st), a new report submitted to the US Congress by Secretary of State John Kerry has confirmed mass corruption at all levels of the Nigerian government.

“Coming at a time that the PDP and Federal Government have been engaging in chest-beating over the fight against corruption, this is a body blow to this unserious and directionless party and the government it controls at the centre.

“They hinge their claim of fighting corruption on the establishment of the EFCC and the ICPC. What they have not told Nigerians is that these two bodies have been stifled by the same PDP and the Federal Government, to such an extent that no other party or government in the history of our nation has been more immersed in corruption.

“The unprecedented and monumental fuel subsidy fraud happened under the PDP and its central government. The mind-boggling pension fraud; the 6-million-dollar Wilbros Scandal and the recurring electoral fraud that is the mother of all corruption, just to mention a few, all happened under this government.

“We are therefore not surprised at the scathing portrayal of Nigeria by the US report, which we will revisit in the days ahead. For now, let the PDP and the Federal Government cover their faces in shame!” it said.


  1. Corrution is the major reason why Nigeria cannot develope, it’s one reasosn why Nigeria’s opportunity to be great was sqaundered. Worst still is the impunity that pervades the political class , because all of the officials are guilty of graft, no one can expose the other, and again since Govt. officials are the ones that benefit from corruption, it will impossible for them to fight against corruption. We commend the U.S. for the position they have taken on the issue of corruption in Nigeria, they can help us by tracking all the money that Nigeria’s corrupt officials have siphoned since 1979 till date, ammounting to hundreds of billions.

  2. Tank God 4 d revelation of d xtent of Nigeria corruption introduced by top gov’t officials, encouraged by d PDP lead gov’t nationwide, starting from d head 2 d tail. I.e all tares of d gov’t , dat’s why can recruit politically/ secretly & later organise a fake recruitment publicly believing they’re deceiving d masses. Wicked PDP looters. Only God will judge dem. A country dat does not care about her graduate’s, all bcos of a socalled wicked, trickish, untrusted, monsterous PDP.

  3. Is ACN not part of Nigeria why are they celebrating,its funny.I still believe that part is not Nigeria problem,all the parties are same. Rotating the govt within ones relatives and friend,jobs offer no longer on merit.if ACN is anti govt,they are anti Nigeria.they never profer solution,only critics