ANPP, CPC Condemn Jonathan, PDP For Suspending Amaechi

BOT-GOODLUCK-AND-TUKUR3The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has lampooned President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for suspending Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State over the controversial Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) election.

In separate reactions yesterday in Abuja, the ANPP spokesman Emma Eneukwu said, “this action rubbishes its claim to any democratic credential, as it has clearly shown that it practices despotism and the tyranny of a cabal. We worry at this dangerous development and ask Nigerians to take due notice of this charade and place it in perspective in view of the forthcoming 2015 general elections.”

CPC spokesman, Rotimi Fashakin on his part recalled that the PDP was founded by a group of Nigerians called G-18 (and later morphed into G-34) after the lifting of ban on party politics in 1998; on enviable desires of its founding fathers of a Nigeria with firm foundation rooted on the rule of law but regretted that it has since deviated from the track.

“We are aware that the PDP’s national leadership was miffed by Governor Amaechi’s victory, despite the high-wire opposition that the presidency mounted to forestall. The anti-Amaechi governors that are being prodded by the presidency are clearly unaware of the buffoonery of their claims that a pre-election endorsement easily translated to the votes garnered by their candidate (Chief Jonah Jang) at the Governors’ election. This, again, attests to the opprobrious level that the PDP’s degeneration can be,” Fashakin said.


  1. For God’s sake, why can we get things right for once.
    It is only in Nigeria people like Jonathan is elected in exalted position like the presidency.
    That imbecile should be apologizing to Nigerians for his fruitless trip to Ethiopia, for been such a drunkard and for missing his chance to deliver speech during the AU meeting. Such a national disgrace, how come the governors forum election turned more important to Jonathan than the whole country that he had to disgrace us that much? Recall my last submission supporting Asari in his broadcast, i made it clear that i do not support Jonathan as though i saw this national disgrace coming.
    PDP can not bamboozle Nigerians for ever, enough is enough for all this stupidity. Who is talking about corruption? What is the hand work of Patience Goodluck Jonathan and who does not know how much she has in landed property in Abuja. How about the court case between the wife of ex president Late Yaradua and Patience GoodLuck Jonathan? what do you call that national disgrace and display of greed by those women?
    As much as i do not exonerate Amechi of corruption, i do not see any where he has gone wrong contesting and winning an election.
    Any of this criminal government officials who said they have no sin should cast the first stone at Chibuike Amechi.
    How come that private Jet has suddenly become a big deal when the presidency could dish out so much money that will better the life of millions of poor Nigerians to buy PRIVATE JET for ordinary pastors.
    Did they not give AYO ORISAJIAFOR private jet, what was that for?
    All Nigerian pastors are now competing with ownership of private jet and some one is killing Amechi for ownership of Private Jet.
    You the criminal PDP chairman of Rivers State are you educated at all? you have been in the corridor of power for long and still does not know who’s responsibility it is to re-instate the Obiakpor LG executives. shame on you for been such an idiot.
    For those of you who just post comments without critically analyzing issues should think twice and be reasonable.
    Not discountenancing the fight against Boko haram and there God fathers, i maintain that we have not seen the end to the blunder of this man call Jonathan.
    Some one should tell the likes of Reuben Abati to resign for feeding Nigerians with lies and false presentations of situation.
    A president that gets himself so drunk to the extent that he misses his slot to make a speech is not fit to rule over a local government.
    God Bless Nigeria