Ask Jay: I am Broke and My Friend Wants Me to Become a “Yahoo Boy”! What Should I Do?



Dear Jay,

I’m a 21yr old male and I’m very creative and intelligent. The painful thing is that I live on my mum and like a church rat no matter how hard I try to fend for myself. My mum sells only drinks for a living and everyone looks up to me as the only son to care for them. My father died when I was 6.

  Now a friend from secondary school is persuading me to become a yahoo boy. He knows I can do better at it than him because I’m intelligent so he’s paying my bills while I learn “yahoo work”. I don’t want to be a criminal but I’ve tried legal ways and failed. I don’t want to be poor for life. Please advise me.


Dear A.R,

Your email broke my heart. I know many bright young Nigerians have had to turn to crime because being good doesn’t seem to pay. It’s very painful for me to see.  All I can tell you is that crime might seem to pay, but it’s only a temporary relief. In the end, it’s never worth it.

A young man like you with a conscience would lose your peace for good if you chose a life of crime. It always ends in regret, always. I implore you from the bottom of my heart not to turn to crime. I believe that things will get better for you. Just have faith. I wish you the very best.



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