Butcher Feeds Marijuana To Pigs To Create True High-Quality Meat

There are pot brownies, pot cookies, pot muffins, pot butter. The next cannabis-laced food? Bacon. And chops, ham and, well, any part of a pig you care to eat. Pot-cured pork, anyone?


William von Schneidau’s BB Ranch butcher shop, located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, is selling meat from marijuana-fed pigs. (Washington voters passed a pot-legalization initiative last fall).

Von Schneidau has teamed with nearby Bucking Boar Farms for the pot pigs, who are given weed as part of their regular diet. Apparently, the stems and leaves from pot plants add fiber to the oinkers’ diets, which makes their meat more, ahem, savory.

Diners also (we assume) reported an insatiable case of the munchies, finding second-helpings irresistible.

Source: MSN


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