Muslim Students Fault Lagos On Hijab

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter, on Wednesday said it was not part of any decision on the use of Hijab in Lagos State public schools as claimed by the government.

hijabCommissioner for Education, Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye, was reported in the media to have said the decision not to allow the use of Hijab, except for prayers, was a consensus reached at a meeting chaired by the Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture Mr Oyinlomo Danmole and attended by stakeholders, including MSSN.

However, in a statement by the group’s Public Relations Officer, Sulaimon Alamutu, the MSSN said the claim by the government was tantamount to obstructing the course of justice.

The group said, “How can MSSN be part of the so-called stakeholders’ meeting where the decision on the use of Hijab was taken? This is ridiculous.

“How can we be demanding that the right of Muslims to use Hijab in schools be given them and at the same time consent to a ‘consensus’ that is antithetical to our demand? We were never invited for any meeting at any point in time!”

The society said it had dragged the government to the court on the issue.

It said, “Justice Oyewole of the State High Court had fixed May 27, 2013 for hearing of our suit. So, we wonder why the commissioner, who we believe, knows the position of the law, would come out to make such irresponsible pronouncement. Her action makes us to question her professional integrity as a lawyer!

“We therefore advise governor Babatunde Fashola to caution this woman before she destroy the integrity left in the government.”

“As we have stated in our previous positions, we will employ all legal and peaceful means to ensure our rights are not denied us. The constitution of Nigeria recognises the right to use Hijab in schools and nobody can take it away from us.”


  1. This is a bold and courageous step by the MSSN. Its our right and constitutional responsibility to wear the hijab in public schools, and no amount of intimidation will stop us, insha’allah. May Allah guide the MSSN in this course.


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