[Advice Needed] I don’t trust my neighbour with this kid! How do I know what’s happening?

Dear Tee,
I don’t understand my neighbour. There is this kid that stays very close to my house. She should be about 6 years. Whenever her mother is not around, she comes to play in our house with the kids that are around. Recently, I noticed her come out from my neighbour’s room with biscuit and sweets. My neighbour is a single young man with no kids. There was a particular day that I went to knock at his door, wanted to ask if he has paid his PHCN bills. It took him time to open the door and when he eventually did, the kid went out with biscuits in her hand. I don’t know what is happening, should I confront him?


Dear Ajayi,
This is a critical situation that needs you to be very vigilant. We’ll, you can’t conclude that something is happening, however people can’t be trusted that much and a kid is involved here. To avoid raising a false alarm, you have to be very watchful. You can call the kid and ask her questions. Even if she says nothing is wrong, you should still go ahead and advise her mother to be mindful of the places her kid goes to. Also, you can dialogue with the guy or give him a very close watch to know what is actually happening.
I hope this helps.