I’m Not Comfortable With Hajia’s Arrangement – Majek Fashek Opens Up On Record Label


Reggae lord, Majek Fashek, who has been reported to be having a swell time with A-Plus Record led by Hajia Amina Dangaji has come out to confess that he has never had it as smooth as erroneously reported with the organization, citing Hajia Dangaji’s lack of business decorum as the reason.

“My relationship with Hajia Amina Dangajia is not very good, I must say the truth. Alhjia is more of a business woman and that is why I and my brother, Tobi and the other guy, have tried to help her to grow her business. I’m not really enjoying myself comfortably because artiste must have comfort and Hajia is always having that problem that is why I called my brother from Abuja. So, if Hajia can work with the right people that have the knowledge of the business of music, she will make it,” the rain maker said.

Then on the issue of A Plus where Majek was summoned to work directly with, he said, “The idea of working with A-plus won’t work because nobody knows A-plus Record. She pleaded to me to help her, I’m already known worldwide but it looks like I am suffering in my own country. I’m not supposed to suffer in my own country, I must say the truth. So, Hajia has to wake up.

“There is this saying in London that, ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ which literally means facing reality. Jumping here and there cannot make you make it, you have to be focused.

“The problem that Hajia is having is that she’s not very focused. But with the likes of me in her entertainment outfit she should count herself lucky. Some new artistes like Young Army, 2bee, Prince, Moses and I are the main backbone of Hajia. Hajia is running a record company and we are going to blow her up.”


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