[Advice Needed] He Has Refused To Take Me Home, What Should I Do?

boreedlonelyDear Tee,
I am dating a 30 year old man for the past 8 months. He has refused to take me to where he lives or his relatives. Actually, we met during NYSC and we are through with serving now. He is always promising to take me home, but he never does. Is that not crazy? I don’t know what to do because I love him so much but to think that I don’t know where he lives is something that disturbs me.

Dear KG,
I think you should ask him what he actually wants from you. A man that is really interested in you would let you know where he stays except there is something he is hiding. I also think you should be careful with that kind of person so that you don’t get into trouble…..he might be protecting you from some evils he is doing behind. Aside this, he might want to know if he really likes to be with you before he takes you home. Some guys would not just take any lady to their relatives except they really want to marry her.
If you ask him and his response is stll same, you can take a break from the relationshp and use your head to discern.


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