Efficiency Tips For Cutting Fuel Costs


With the irregular fuel price levels, motorists are reminded of simple tips to save fuel. This week, we bring to you Bridgestone’s Make Cars Green campaign guides that consist of 10 tips for greener motoring to help drivers save fuel and reduce their environmental footprint.

Eight of the 10 tips relate directly to driving style, such as using engine braking instead of the brakes. This encourages drivers to save fuel by accelerating less and slowing down earlier for stops. A tip to avoid excessive idling can also save money – turn the engine off if you come to a stop for longer than a minute or so.

When you start moving, accelerate gently using only a quarter to a half of the accelerator pedal, keeping your speed constant to minimise fuel wastage. Furthermore, motorists are advised to save fuel from start-up by not idling the engine to warm it up.

The engine is at its most inefficient when cold, and the longer the warm up period the more fuel is wasted. Rather allow the engine to idle briefly after start-up to ensure good engine oil circulation and then drive off immediately using moderate engine speeds until the engine has reached operating temperature.

Another tip is for motorists to check tyre pressures frequently as under-inflated tyres are a fuel guzzler and can be considered a safety risk. Ensure that unnecessary items have been taken out of the boot and the passenger compartment as extra items may add weight to the car and increase fuel consumption. Motorists can be advised to reduce wind resistance by removing roof racks when they are not in use.

Finally, plan your journey to use the most economical route and consider whether a trip is necessary.

For essential journeys, alternatives such as using public transport, walking, riding a bicycle and sharing cars with friends or colleagues can reduce costs and the environmental impact.