“God Will Place A Curse On You” – Toyin Aimakhu Blasts Critics

Toyin Aimakhu has had enough of all the negativities coming from her critics. The actress who recently got married to fellow actor, Niyi Johnson took to her twitter handle @aimakhutoyin to condemn what she terms negative criticism faced by people in the entertainment industry.


Since she walked down the aisle with her handsome hubby, the pretty actress has come under criticisms. While some alleged that she’s about three years older than her husband, others lambasted her for staging a low-key wedding ceremony as a celeb.

Not happy with all these, the Edo State-born actress has allegedly placed a curse on her critics and begged God to make it come to pass.

She tweeted, ‘I don’t understand anymore,  people will insult us to get married after getting married you will be cursing us that is just a year, if the marriage breaks again you people will be shouting that we arr irresponsible. Anyways anyone who places a curse or say negative words about my home GOD of Abraham,GOD of GOD, ALLAH will place a curse on them and all their lives will bring negative meanings to people”.

She added, “Blood runs through our veins and not petrol or diesel, being an actor or actress doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes, pleases keep praying for us. I will try my best to keep my head up and be the best wife, role model, actress, friend and mother. No more curses or abuse, we are human and not Holy Spirit”.

The actress then rounded up her series of tweets, saying, “I rest my case till another day, for the future. I was never married, this is my first and only and last marriage till I die. I need your prayers to kip me going not curse.”

Source: Nigeriafilms.com


  1. Sometin I realise is dat publications ar d bane of divorce in celebrities life. People publishes rummor abt dem and say dey got it fro a source who don’t want his or her name published. I want u to know dat all man shall reap wateva he sow no matter wat.

  2. The reason why actors nd actresses are been criticised is becos of the way they act and expose their bodies..acting si now becomming somthing else..most of sex nd less Godly teachings…

  3. Toyin 4/get about what people say. You’re a great actress that is for sure, as for your marriage it must be blissful all you need is prayer and be close to GOD.

  4. May God always be with your Marriage…..But My Advice for you is that no matter how there will be a challenge but always take it easy with your hubby………May God lead you through

  5. At shola wetin concern you? Agbaya like u face ur own life n live it like 2nd mother mary its none of our biz. Toyin has passed u she has passed u notin u ll say dat ll drag her to ur level. Esu

  6. aunty toyin am happy for hearing this dt ir marriage is still intact, infact I tried getting ur no but to mo avail. I pray dt ur home will never scatter, you shall enjoy d blessing in marriage. your marriage will be a positive talk of nation n d world like pa olu jacob and joke silver, like omotola jolade… I love you so much


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