My Relationship With Dan Foster – Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi


On Air Personality, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, talks about being a radio presenter, her personal life and her relationship with Dan Foster.

On how she became an On Air Personality;

I actually got into radio as a course requirement in school. I started reading the news at the student radio station at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. When I returned to Nigeria, I started serving at NTA, Victoria Island. And I had a part time job at Cool FM as a news editor. I walked into the studio to drop off the news and I got chatting with Dan Foster. I became his co-host from that day. After a few minutes of chatting, he told me to grab a pair of headphones and join him on air. I got my own show soon after.

On why she loves working in radio.

It’s a great job. I get to play good music every weekday, interact with listeners, stars and important people. Radio has also opened so many doors for me. I’m currently in the middle of production for my TV show. I also run a media company called Speakerboxx.

On her beauty routine.

Beauty routine? I don’t have a specific formula. I do have oily, acne-prone skin, so I visit my dermatologist quite often.

Relationship status.

I’m in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I didn’t say I’m not in a relationship and I didn’t say I’m in one.

Qualities she looks for in a guy.

What I look out for in a man -a good heart, intelligence, street smartness, confidence, ambition, great work ethic, sense of humor. A love for God and good looks too.

How she deals with male advances

I deal with male advances as any responsible woman would. Decline respectfully if I’m not interested.

On if she gets advances from females.

I have not gotten any advances from females. Thank God. I get more of people trying to be my friend. If I got advances from a female, I would shut it down immediately. I’m totally uninterested in such.

On her relationship with Dan Foster.

Dan Foster was and still is a great mentor. He taught me a lot about radio.

We still keep in touch till today