[Advice Needed] He Wants Me To Abort The 4th Pregnancy! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
We met last year. He de-flowered me. I got pregnant the first time in April. He took me to a doctor and the baby was aborted. After that, I have gone for 2 other abortions. I am pregnant for him again, and he said I should do another abortion, What should I do? I really want to keep this baby


Dear NK,
It is not advisable to go for another abortion. I think you should let him know that you are not ready to put your life at risk any longer. Make him understand that you do not wish to kill your own babies again. If he would not cooperate with you, do not argue or fight with him. Keep your baby. You should try to get something little doing to raise money for your pregnancy and baby upkeep.

Wish you well,

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  1. Are u a learner? Do u want to abort all ur children b4 u know he’s not ur soul mate? So what children would u now give to ur future husband when d time comes? Besides don’t u know anything called safe sex or where u not taught that in school?