Teacher Who Can Not Read Own Certificate (PICTURED)

It was a drama of sorts during the verification exercise of primary school teachers’ certificates in Edo State on Tuesday as one of the teachers in the state, Mrs. Augusta Odemwingie, could not read a sworn affidavit she tendered as part of her credentials.

Mrs. Odemwingie teaches at Asologun Primary School, Ikpoba Okha local government area of Benin City. Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who paid an unscheduled visit to the State Staff TrainingCentre venue of the exercise was appalled that a teacher could not read, saying “if you can’t read, what do you teach the pupils? What do you write on the board?”
The Chairman of the state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Comrade Patrick Ikosimi, who was also at the screening to monitor the exercise, said the woman’s failure was “an embarrassment.”
On arrival at the centre, the governor took time to peruse some of the teachers’ credentials and documents presented.
When Mrs. Odenwingie took her turn during the exercise, the governor who listened to her defence asked her to read the affidavit she presented.
She stuttered and read the affidavit as if a kindergarten was learning to read, to the consternationof everybody around.



  1. Pls stop misinforming d pple,d picture of d woman with d governor on did piece is not d same woman who could not read tuesday. Pls verify ur information b4 publising. If i am d woman whose pic is on dis write up,i wont b happy.

  2. Press where did you get this picture and the background? (1) no pupil at the verification site (2) The woman sat down during the show of disgrace, of her life time (3)The woman wear lense (4)The woman was not in a black gown (5) The woman there was not at the verification site. Thanks for all the work you press have been doing, but be more accurate next time so that those reading will have trust on your information please make sure you remove that picture.

  3. If infoNiga actually place another woman’s pic in place of d woman dat cld not read, in my humble opinion infoNiga is not better dan d woman who can not read, if she has been teachin d pupils jargon dats exactly wat infoNiga has just given us. So pls help us!

  4. it was a sabotage to see a teacher who could not defend her profession, in fact those are the type of people who contributed to the down fall of student both at the local and the international level as a matter of fact; am on the opinion that the Governor in collaboration with the ministry of Education to carry out this assessment in all the schools as far as Edo state is concern in order to stabilized the standard of Education in the state