[Advice Needed] My Girlfriend And My Sister Are At Loggerheads. What Do I Do?

Dear Tee,
My girlfriend is nice, friendly and all that. But then, she and my younger sister hate themselves. Immediately they met, they sized themselves down and they could not greet freely. I have asked my girlfriend what the matter is, she said she does not just like my sister. Is there something I don’t know?


Dear SY,
Well, I think you should ask your sister if anything is the problem. She should be able to open up to you. If she says there is no problem, then you should probably relax. I think two of them are just jealous of the other, guess they are just being proud. Girls like to “form activity” to themselves….lol.
Anyway, just relax and try to bring about a cordial relationship between them.
All the best,

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