#BBATheChase:Reasons Why We Should Crown Melvin

1:He has never misbehaved throughout his stay in the BBA house

2: He gets along with every chasemates

3 :He is the perfect image of our new face of Africa

4: His eventual victory would motivate our African men to behave in an honorable manner

5 :It’s time we stopped sacrificing good behavior on the altar of entertainment

6 : We can’t create a better Africa unless we start celebrating selfless & humble person like Melvin

7 : It’s every single lady’s prayer to date a decent man like Melvin

8. BBA has given us an opportunity to choose a life style that is worthy of emulation. Please, let’s not misuse it. Support Melvin!

9.Melvin is a testimony that Nigerian youths are not all criminally minded

10.Let’s stop the promotion of indecent behavior by voting for Melvin who portrays an all-round perfect image of an African man.


  1. Truly and duly observed.We can’t sacrifice good behaviour on the altar of entertainment.indecency.promiscuity,immorality,lies,and etc shud not be celebrated in Africa!You can’t indulge yourself in vices in. the name of winning BBA THE CHASE!