8 Red Carpet Secrets to Look Glamorous Instantly!!!

We are sure when most of you see the hot Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood divas, you too yearn for their glowing skin or glamorous body on which everything seems naturally beautiful. Ladies, we have found out some cool makeup tricks that can make you look as ravishing as your favourite diva. So, take a look as we reveal the red-carpet secrets that will help you get a glamorous look instantly!

1. Luscious Lips
Are you ready to learn the right process of getting perfect red carpet worthy pout? Firstly, moisturise your lips with Vaseline or lip balm. Keep it on for a few minutes before moving on to applying the lip pencil. Line your lips on the outer edge of your natural lip line. Now go for a glossy lip colour in your favourite shade. Glossy colours reflect the light, thus giving an impression of fuller lips. Also, it is always a good idea to apply your lip colour with a lip brush for precision.

2. Sweat-free makeup
Here is a bizarre makeup tip for all you ladies. Apply some unscented deodorant to your face before applying foundation to maintain a sweat-free look for your party. We suggest that before applying it on your full face do a small patch test as these products weren’t really designed to be used in this fashion. The idea sounds promising as these antiperspirants could keep droplets of sweat from forming on your upper lip, forehead and nose.

3. Perfect matte makeup
Here is a trick that many stylists use to make sure that the celebs makeup looks matte and not cakey in bright lights. They dip the makeup brush in some moisturiser, before dipping them in makeup powder, like foundation or blush. But, always remove the excess moisturiser from the brush. Another way to add shine to your look is to prep your face with a gel moisturiser before applying your foundation and blush.

4. Bid farewell to acne
Here is another whacky trick of red carpet brigade. Nasal sprays are vasoconstrictors that essentially shrink blood vessels. These act as a topical steroid for that red pimple that has decided to mar your party plans. They soothe the acne inflammations and could also reduce puffiness. Well, another famous trick that many divas secretly swear by is using menthol toothpaste on zits to get rid of them and their redness

5. Make your makeup stay for long
Many Hollywood beauties and their stylists swear by this trick. Step into a hot steam shower for 10 minutes after completing your entire makeup. Well, you obviously have to make sure that your face doesn’t get wet. The steam from the hot water will set your makeup for long hours and would leave you with a fresh and dewy look

6. Double chin go-go
Here is a temporary, quick fix for those of you who feel that their double chin will mar their picture perfect look. Fix the double chin by rubbing a cellulite or eye cream along your entire jawline. Make sure that this cream contains caffeine. Caffeine in it will help to suck excessive fluids out of this zone and reduce puffiness. But remember, this effect will only remain for three to four hours. Well, if time seems enough then go dazzle everyone with your beautiful face.

7. Keep your feet happy too!
You don’t just take a pretty face, but even your pretty feet to the party then why not spare some attention on your feet as well. Well, your beautiful face will not be able to hide the discomfort you feel in your killer heels. So, get yourself a pair of fancy shoe pads that are available in fun patterns. It will give your feet a good hold on your heels, and your toes will not come diving out of the peep-toes. It really isn’t pleasant to see one’s feet hang over the sole of the front-open sandals.

8. Tame the slippery sole with sand paper
Having trouble walking without support? It is not a pretty sight if you are finding something to grasp while juggling your clutch and coordinating steps to ensure you do not become the reason for people to laugh at. New shoes often have slippery soles. Just create a grip on your new shoes or the less worn sandals by scrubbing a piece of sand paper on the base.

So, once the face is all radiant and the feet all happy there is no stopping you from looking any less than a celebrity in your circle.

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