[Advice Needed] How Do I Stop His Exes From Calling Him?

worryingDear Tee,
I have been dating a guy for 2 years now. he is faithful and loving. But then, his exes would not stop calling him. I confronted him on the matter and he told me that he has nothing to do with them, and he tries as much as possible to avoid their calls, but they still go ahead to call with private numbers. And sometimes, he had to chat with them. Please, I am confused. What do I do to make these girls stop calling him?

Hello BB,
I understand that you do not want your man’s ex to chat with him, but then I think you should just trust your man. You said it already that those girls use private numbers to call him and all that and that he avoids picking their calls, but these girls would not just let him be. Please, try to understand your man; he is not the one making the moves towards these ladies. So, instead of nagging and pushing your man away, I think you should love and trust him the more. You cannot stop these girls from calling him, but you can learn to trust your man.
All the best,

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