5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

images (7)New mom? Here are 5 things you should know….
1. Please take yourself and/or your baby out of the house. If you have a healthy, full-term baby, the outside is a great place to be. I know, it can be scary taking that perfectly pure little body into the big, wide world, but it’s scarier being holed up in one room watching reality shows about porcupine hunters, staring at a sleeping or crying infant and waiting for something to happen.

2. Yes! You can still shower! This is why God invented bouncy seats and transparent shower curtains. It might be a short shower, maybe the water won’t even have time to warm up, but it’s really okay if your wee one cries a little while you rinse those last soap bubbles out of your hair.

3. Yes! You can still go out to eat! You might be tired as hell, and you might have to plan it around the hour your baby isn’t colicky, but these are the halcyon days when your child is totally immobile.

4. Using a bottle doesn’t mean you love your baby less. It might mean your tits hurt, or you don’t want to nurse in front of the cable guy, or that you’d like your partner to get their ass up at 3 a.m. for a change.

5. Pay attention, because this is important: YOU DO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. There’s enough information telling you how to do it better, how not to do it, how to do it but no one else is raising your baby.