[Advice Needed] She Is Too Fat For My Liking!!! What Should I Do?

images (8)Dear Tee,
My girl gets angry a lot….and this is really getting out of hand. She gets angry every now and then. Also, she is a fat lady and I am scared she would look bigger and older than I am when we eventually get married. what should I do?

Hello MAT,
I think you need to be calm with her, no one is perfect and anger is obviously her weak side. I think you still need to talk to her and probably tell someone she is close to about it. You mentioned that she is very fat and would eventually look older than you do when you eventually marry her…well, every lady tend to have an increase in weight after birth, but then the way an individual control the weight gain matters a lot….exercises, healthy foods amongst other processes are effective controls smart women use. If you really love to settle down with her, you guys can work things out……
wish you well,

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