ASUU Warns FG Against Forced Re-opening Of Universities


The Academic Staff Union of Universities has flayed alleged plans by the Federal Government to forcefully order the re-opening of the universities today, saying this will only complicate the situation.

Speaking on the issue, chairperson of the University of Port Harcourt chapter of ASUU, Professor Anthonia Okerengwo, urged the Federal Government to toe the path of honour in its effort towards resolving the lingering strike.

Professor Okerengwo in a statement said: “Arm twisting has never worked as a dispute resolution strategy. It is unacceptable to the union that while the President has invited the union leadership for a dialogue, some overzealous assistants to the president are clandestinely working to jeopardise the process.

“The surest and shortest route to industrial harmony in the university system and the fastest approach to revitalising university education is the implementation of 2009 agreement and the 2012 MOU,” the union said.

Also reacting, ASUU, University of Ibadan chapter, through its Secretary, Dr Ayodeji Omole, said such a report would further dent the image of the government as anti-democratic, cautioning President Jonathan to allow a sleeping dog lie by implementing the 2009 ASUU/FGN agreement which the Federal Government had already signed.

While welcoming an invitation to ASUU for a meeting today, UI-ASUU warned that it would be unacceptable to its members if government failed to come out with a clear agenda for implementing the 2009 agreement.

It said “The attention of our union is drawn to news reports in the media alleging that President Goodluck Jonathan will direct the re-opening of all Nigerian universities with or without ASUU.

“We wish to state that while the President had issued an invitation to the leaders of our union for dialogue, it will be unacceptable to our members if government fails to come out with a clear agenda for implementing the 2009 agreement.

“Authoritarian posturing has never solved and will not solve the impasse. We are calling on Mr President to tow the path of honour and respect the 2009 Agreement.”

It sounded a note of warning that “Any proposal not based on a clear acceptance of a framework for implementing the 2009 agreement will, instead, seek to impose a solution regarding the impasse, and will not be a solution to the present crisis.”
Omole said it was laughable that a government which had earlier claimed to have released N100billion has not, in actual fact released even a kobo.

He said ASUU as a body of intellectuals, which is ready to pursue the revatilisation of public education in Nigeria will purse same to its logical conclusion even with the stoppage of salaries.

University of Benin ASUU Chairman, Dr Anthony Money-Emina, described as laughable, reports that President Goodluck Jonathan will order the union members to go back to work today.

ASUU Uniben said that the solution to the current industrial action embarked upon by members was for the Federal Government to come up with a clear agenda on how to implement the 2009 agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, entered with the union in 2012.

Describing as laughable, reports that government will order the union members to go back to work, ASUU urged government to shun “authoritarian approaches to resolving issues in dispute with the union.”

“The attention of our union has been drawn to news report in the media, alleging that the President will direct the re-opening of Nigerian universities with or without ASUU from Monday,” Money-Emina said.


  1. I cnt bliv dz is apenin in our time…i tink VCs shud receive more shares of d blames bcuz of d missappropraition of d fees and bills being paid by d students of various tertiary institutions in Nigeria.FG shud pls reach d 2009 agreement signed by both parties in 2day’s meetings and save we students 4rm wandering around d streets henceforth!!!

  2. @asuu we d student also hv d right 2 education… U̶̲̥̅̊ guys re just being wicked nd U̶̲̥̅̊ re hre talking about anti democracy…smh..its so obvious d strike is being politicalized thereby making students go tru a lot ₪Ö̤̣̇τ̩̩ 4get wot goes around comes around, one way or d oder U̶̲̥̅̊ must pay 4 d damages U̶̲̥̅̊ hv cost…@FG pls do everything within Ūя̲̅ power 2 end d strike plsssss

  3. God please come nd rescue ur children in dis country o, both ASUU & FG are d cause of dis saga, dey knw wat dey’re doing

  4. hmm, what a pity. may God have mercy on this two parties. will I say they don’t have human feelings or they are just cruel. 4 good months out of school in one nation just like that. well its only God Almighty that can do all things and I pray God will take control asap. and save us from this wicked leaders.

  5. Body of intellectuals indeed! It is better describe as body of fools and the must greedier set of human beings. U think we the students can be deceived by what u make ds strike look like, u are fighting for ur pot bellies and pockets. We know that, that is why u guys have lost our sympathy and that of well meaning Nigerians especially those in their right set of minds and those who want to be neutral in ds case. You guys will die living behind this money, some of you will even be killed by your children because of this same money.

  6. Asfor ASUU,its only God that will render your judgement for rendering students jobless,our job is to study and you’ve succeded in puting us out of school,May God Judge all the Striking Lecturers.

  7. Pls asuu and fG am beging you guys not to call of this strike cos I need to hustle wella and get enuf money before coming back to school. Hunger don wound me wella, so I no wan hear tori again….make una make am 2yrs strike abeg. For me am a self made nigga with or without asuu or fG

  8. Typical Nigerian mentality being displayed here. No one is blaming the government anymore. Nobody wants to sacrifice for the greater good, big shame. ASUU us fighting a worthy cause and i’m in total support. Why can’t we just make a stand and change things in this country? Is ASUU the enemy? Those officials embezzle everyday and the students who are supposed to know better are here spewing trash. Even if you don’t want change, isn’t it better for ASUU to fight the fight now, so that our children will enjoy the benefits of our struggles? I weep for the future of this nation.

  9. Well,I Don’t think I have any comment.But what I think I have to say is that the strike is really prolonged,but God’s time is always the best!


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