Jim Iyke Will Suffer – Nadia Buari’s Mother

Jim Iyke Will Suffer For Breaking My Daughter’s Heart” – Nadia Buari’s Mother

For leading Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari and making her believe he would settle down with her, and finally breaking her heart, Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke will suffer untold hardship, according to the mother of the heart-broken Nadia, Hajia Buari.

The love birds were so close and appeared so much in love and everyone thought that it was just a matter of time before they tie the knot, until Jim posted on his Twitter handle that he was not going to marry the Ghanaian beauty, while Nadia herself responded by deleting Jim’s pictures from her Instagram account.

After the celebrated break-up, Hajia Buari, according to a Ghanaian entertainment site, had this to say:
“They were great together. They were like a couple and we thought they were heading for the altar. She was very connected to him.”

“She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She plans on settling down but not right now. She has to focus on her career. That Nigerian boy will suffer for daring to break my baby’s heart,” another source in Ghana quoted the angry Hajia Buari as saying




  1. She was the biggest fool in the world for thinking Jim was going to marry her. Even the devil knows Jim will never marry, he’s just living a fantasy life he never imagined could happen to him.
    The earlier she wakes from her illusions, the better for her. I don’t feel any pity for her at all

  2. Its not fare of some guys d way they ar treatin ladies. Nadia shuld jst understand dat Jim is nt her man nd God wil give her d man he prepare 4 her cuz marryin nd breakin is worser dan datin nd breakin. Take it easy swthrt.

  3. at this present age a mother is cursing a man who comitted the sin of furnication with her daughter, where was she when they were parading themselves like romio or remio and juliet.three of you should go in the presence of God and beg for forgivness.

  4. Jim why? Why do u broke dis yung lady’s hrt dis beautfl Nadia’s hrt, oh u ar a fool jim, they say u dnt value wat u hav until u loose it, T.B Joshua need to pray 4 u again….

  5. Mother coursing another woman son, can she count how many men her daouther has giving a heart broken. Infact Jim & Nadia are all player so no big deal.

  6. Madam marriage is nt by force calm dwn dnt force any bdy to marry ur daughter. Here in 9ja we dnt jump into marriage lyk dat dnt hold any bdy nect. For u JIM dnt hurt any bdy if u knw ur nt rdy dnt mess up wt any ladies be sincer. Pls.

  7. Eeyah! Its disheartening to hear dat Jim iyke would do dat to Nadia Buari, the very loving lady I use to admire. Guys be careful so dat u won’t receive God wrath on u. Don’t smell wat u can’t eat! Y promise the lady when u kw u aren’t going to marry her. Even if d mother dint curse u, d lady’s heart will, consciously or unconsciously! Guys be warned!

  8. Please did Jim Iyke ever propose to the Lady? Did he promise to marry her? Abeg, is he owing her? When they were frolicking and sharing their relationship details in public, where was she? Is such behaviour now part of our culture? Abeg make we hear word jooh!

  9. How is jim iyk going 2. Suffer isn’t. Becourse he quiet the relationship betwween him and ur doughther hmm nawawoo so jim iyk is the only man she want to marry so keep on waiting 4 jim iyk ok


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