Emergency Rule: Nyako Berates FG For Leaving Funding Of Security Expenses To State

SoEPunGovernor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has accused the Federal Government of neglecting its responsibility of funding the military operations in the state in the face of the emergency rule it imposed on the state, but has instead left the burden of funding of the military operation to the state.

According to Nyako, the state is currently responsible for about 70% of the amount spent on maintaining the emergency rule, adding that with the development, only a small amount is left to cater for developmental projects in the state.

“The state is funding about 70 percent of the emergency rule in the state to the detriment of developmental projects.

“We view the development as retrogressive, especially in view of the non-desirability of the imposition of emergency rule in the state, fuelling the suspicion that it might have been imposed to cripple the economy of the state”, he said.

Nyako said with the present scenario, the state and the local governments are at the receiving end of funding the military operations, which in most cases, leaves them with little or no resources for development.

He called on the Federal Government to assume funding of the security operation since that is its responsibility.

“As it is now, the state and the local governments take the larger brunt of the expenses incurred in running the emergency rule in the state despite the undesirability of that.

“We view this as a deliberate attempt to deny us progress. The federal government should save us and allow us develop ourselves”, he said.