5 Things to Stop Apologizing For

image (1)it’s one thing to apologize for things you did out of greed, jealousy or even simple negligence, but it’s easy to get into the bad habit of feeling responsible for things that were the result of circumstances beyond your control. You can still feel sad or mad, but stop apologizing for what you never did.

1. Anything for which you’ve made

We’ve all made mistakes and have fallen short of expectations for ourselves. The best we can do when we’ve disappointed ourselves and others is to apologize and make whatever amends possible. Once you’ve accomplished this, it’s time to move on. You’ve spent enough energy thinking about your shortcomings. When you tell the whole truth about yourself, you have no choice but to celebrate the good you’ve done and will continue to do, as well.

2. Your age and the benefits you can recieve
Since when is growing older something you need to apologize about? Our youth-oriented culture has taught us to equate young with good and old with bad. Despite what you hear on the nightly news, your age does not make you a burden on society. You are not worthless, selfish or responsible for the state of the economy or the world, for that matter. You deserve respect. Age is an attainment not a problem. The next time you are tempted to make a self-deprecating remark, or feel like apologizing just because you’re still alive, cut it out.

3. Being the life of the party
You’ve earned the right to live your life on your own terms, whatever they may be. You are already finding yourself less and less concerned about other people’s opinions, coming to realize that what other people think of you is really none of your business. So enjoy this time of increasing freedom in your life and don’t spoil it by worrying that by giving yourself permission to be more fully yourself, you’re doing something wrong.

4. Not having lost ten pounds

How much time and energy have you already wasted in your life thinking about your diet, how you look and what you weigh? The look of peace and joy that will descend upon you when you finally accept that you are and always have been good enough will radiate more than enough beauty to last you the rest of your life.

5. Anything…

…that is nobody else’s business