Late MKO Abiola’s Daughter, Tundun Abiola Embraces Christianity


The daughter of Late MKO Abiola, Tundun Abiola who was married to Atama Shaka Atta before their marriage collapsed has converted to the Christian faith. She has also dropped her Muslim name Hawa, and now bears Victoria. Sources say the change happened shortly after Tundun and Atama went their separate ways.



  1. Some people don’t know that the worst way to committing crime is through your mouth. the news says converted not intimidated and after she collapsed during her marriage. Daughter of Zion you are welcome to there is no failure. Divine power has encapsulated you,there wouldn’t be failure in your life any more

  2. Quran says – La ikraha fiy deen, meaning “there is no compulsion in religion”. Leave the woman alone to do woteva pleases her. Many muslims became stronger in islam today, after they have had a taste of christianity. Bi obinrin o ba da ile-oko meji wo, koni meyi to san!

  3. D bible in d bk of proverbs 14:12 says there is a.way that seems good to a man but d end is destruction, shes not to be blamed. It’s d dividend of d sons n daughters of some millionaires who they themselves worship mone y n life rather than God, their cchildren are devoid of Islamic understanding. May Allah open her eyes.

  4. Read d story well, she converted wen her marriage collapsed. Nothing is new here, nobody I mean among d muslims calls her bad names bcs she converted. Bt if it were d other way round, many xtian fanatics wud hv been raining curses on such person. Here are examples, wen d popular actress(Lizz Anjorin) now Aishat converted 2muslim late last yr, xtians were insulting her. Also 1 ex super eagle midfielder Emeka by name embraced Islam now Muhammed Mustapha, he ws being threatened by a business man based in London saying any igbos dt converted 2Islam wud b killed. If d true picture of her story is revealed no cogent reason wud b giving 4her conversion. Bt try 2interview dose who embrace Islam n c more light of d religion of peace if truly u’r peace lovers

  5. There is no father and child on the day of accountability: the two of them will two distinct entities except if the father did not play his spiritual role when alive. This is no news except that some ppl are crazy about number. Thr truth is those who will enter paradise will do so effortlessly and those who will be inmates of hellfire will also prepare for it in this world no matter what we say or do. Now, looking at her picture and what you know about dressing of muslim women, does she really look like one? The dsy shall come when they shall come face to face eith what they used to deny. May Allah make us end it well so that we’ll go back to Him as believers with total submisdion to His will. Ameen

  6. When Loon(the popular rapper) and others reverted to Islam, everybody could see changes in their mode of dressing, behaviour as well as their lives. As per MKO’s daughter, kindly show us her mode of dressing, behaviour, Allah’s worship etc before converting to christianity and now that she is already there. The question is, any difference? Capital NO because she knows christianity allows naked dressing which is not mode of dressing of Maria, only to dance and clap as worship which Jesus did not do. How is she not going there while she was already there. The belief of Tom, Dick and Harry!

  7. what a loose ! she will live & regret ever unless her senses come back to her tiny brain , initialy she doesn’t have good knowledge of Islam bcos of her way of life as at when she’s growing daughter/childrend of Elite , the christians that are celebrating with her will one day course/abuse her for she’ll never wait to learn christianity for her to behave like the true belivers .
    All thanks be to Allah the most gratious & marciful for providing chances for repenting, so the door is open for her before end of time which is right by the door now .

  8. This is a personal race. I don’t know why some of us are wasting time fighting over an adult who makes a decision about her way of serving God. And for those who are making noise about mode of dressing, do you have any proof that your veil-covering muslims are better than this lady? Most of the female suicide bombers that kill and maim innocent people also cover these veils. I think we should be concerned about how to make heaven rather than counting how many persons that convert to our religion.