4 Reasons Why Women Like Naughty Men

article-20132566502324623000Have you ever wondered why it’s always the ‘naughty’ or ‘cheeky’ men who always get the girls? Imagine that there are two guys chatting up with a woman. One is a good-looking guy with a great body while the other is average but with a great sense of humor that borders on naughtiness. Chances are that the one who’ll get a date with the woman is the funny one. It may be a mystery to many but the reasons why women prefer naughty men are simple.

1. They Keep Things Interesting
It’s never boring with a guy who has a great sense of humor. Women love men who are funny and when their brand of humor is more on the cheeky side, it’s an added bonus. Things are never boring and that makes it oh-so-sexy!

2. They’re Unpredictable
What could be sexier to a woman than unpredictability? It’s exciting because they never know what’s going to happen next. Men who are naughty like to surprise their women and there are millions of women who love getting surprises from their man, especially if they’re naughty ones.

3. They Make Women Feel Sexy
Naughty men know the exact things to say to women that make them feel sexy and desired. The best part is that they never do it in a sleazy or vulgar way. What they want is for the woman in their life to feel like there’s no one but her and they do it in such a way that it never sounds cheesy. This is probably one of the most endearing attributes of naughty men.

4. They Grab Attention
Naughty men have the ability to take over a room full of people with their humor. They can leave both men and women guessing over what they’re going to say next. Women love this as it shows that their man is strong and can take over a room by being humorous and witty. Remember the funny guy when you were in high school? He was always goofing around and making everyone laugh! Well, that’s who he is and that’s why he’s so popular with the ladies.

While women do prefer naughty men, it can get boring if that’s all they have to offer. It’s the same as when guys like a hot woman but they don’t want that to be the only thing that’s attractive about her.There has to be other dimensions to their personality as well. This is what really keeps the ladies interested in them. Men need to have a serious side and an intellectual side to them as well. Who wants someone who’s constantly trying to be funny? It’s bound to get annoying after a while.

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