My Boyfriend Has Serious Anger Management Issues & I Want To Break Up But I Don’t Know How..

This is story of a lady who is in a relationship with a guy that is too hot-tempered and wants to quit the relationship but doesn’t know how her boyfriend would handle it so she needs your advice.


Read her story below:

I have a boyfriend who really is violent when he is angry. He has a very hot temper that even the most little things can trigger him. And in two seconds, he doesn’t mind throwing whatever he lays his hand on on whoever got him angry. He doesn’t mind destroying things around. His reply is always – ‘it’s my money, it’s my house. It’s my life, I can always replace whatever.’

Truth is he is a mild stammerer, he is a very jealous, possessive lover, always monitoring me and gets verbally abusive, rains abuses/curses on me, sometimes on my friends and family when I do things he doesn’t like. His personality scares me a whole lot.

Sincerely, I have tried to cope but frankly, I can no longer endure. This is not the kind of man I want for myself, to be the father of my kids. He will kill us before our time. We have been dating for like almost a year now. We both are working and live in our own houses. Though I visit him weekends and we try to catch up.

I tried to see if I could manage cos I know if I leave him, he will be broken but I am no longer in love with this man.

What do I do? How can I end this relationship without looking heartless?



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