Chief Mate at Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc

Transocean is hiring: Chief Mate – Nigeria National

Job Description


Reports to the Master


Supervises the Bosun, 2nd Mate, 3rd Mate, Senior DPO, Dynamic Position Operator (DPO), Crane Operator


Offshore location.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.
  2. Valid Unlimited Chief Mate certificate, Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Training courses and Nautical Institute DP Certificate
  3. Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the marine aspect of the rig.
  4. Basic computer skills.
  5. Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.


  1. Assist the Master in exercising effective control over the rig’s marine operations with due regard for safety of personnel, maintenance of rig equipment, and protection of the environment.




Ensure conformance to local/international laws relating to the vessel’s operation, and strictly comply with current pollution regulation.

Authority I

Oversee the maintenance of deck equipment, fire fighting and life-saving equipment, lifting equipment, and vessel’s exterior maintenance.

Authority I

Ensure materials and equipment loaded onboard are safely stowed, secured and labeled according to Regulatory requirements.

Authority I

Ensure the vessel is seaworthy at all times and maintained/operated in accordance with guidelines in the Marine Operations Manual.

Authority I

Maintaining the watertight integrity of the vessel, loading and storage of consumables, securing of supply vessels, safe operation of helicopters, et cetera.

Authority II

Ensure the vessel is maintained within normal safe limits of intact and damage stability, shear stress and bending moments.

Authority II

Assist the Master in ensuring the vessel’s navigational equipment is maintained, fully functional, and that testing and calibration is carried out in accordance with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

Authority II

Assist the Master in maintaining the vessel’s logbook, maintenance reports and other vessel documents as directed.

Authority II

Understudy the Master and deputize when he/she is indisposed.

Authority II

Supervise the 2nd Mate’s activities and perform the duties of a DPO when required.

Authority II

Assist the Master/Senior Mate during rig moves and anchor handling operations between drilling locations and in ports.

Authority II

In relation to the vessel’s trim and stability requirements, communicate with the Chief Engineer regarding the disposition, loading, ordering and use of fuel, potable and drill water.

Capable of performing DP incident investigation

Capable of planning, executing, and leading DP trials and drills including black out recovery.

Authority II

Authority II

Authority II



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