Iroko boss Jason Njoku’s absent father comes calling after 33 years


Tech entrepreneur and iROKO CEO Jason Njoku revealed on Twitter a few days back that his absent biological father, a man he has never met before in all his 33+ years on earth, suddenly wants to meet him. But Jason says he’s not having it. Below is what he wrote on his blog…

“So my son is now 6.5 months old. He is easily my greatest work. My family beyond all the success in business remains the most important thing I have achieved. Only those from a ‘broken’ home can truly understand that. A happy family is the ultimate sign of success. To be honest I haven’t really started truly understanding what it is to be a father. Currently I’m just muddling through. I haven’t met my father before. Ever. So its all on the job training. So as you can imagine I was surprised that after 33.2 years my own father decided it was time to reach out. Time to have a chat. Time to connect. Success has many fathers. Failure has none. #NotHavingIt.”

Dear men, you don’t have to have a relationship with the mother of your child, but you must have one with your child. That is your flesh and blood. How you can walk away from him/her is beyond me. If you’re an absentee parent, that child or children that you abandoned will make it big, without you, and one day, you will be filled with regrets. Mend your ways before it’s too late.