Sen. Ojudu reveals why Nigeria cannot move forward

One of the leaders of the All Progressives Congress and Senator representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District, Babafemi Ojudu has revealed why Nigeria cannot move forward.


On his experience at the National assembly, Ojudu said its been very interesting on one hand and on the other its been frustrating and traumatic because the problems in the country are so much and it can not be solved by just one person.

I was motivated to come to be part of the needed change in Nigeria. But getting here, I saw that the problems we have are so entrenched that it will need 1001 Femi Ojudus to bring about any change. Our country is really in the grip of evil elements at all the levels of government and something has to give. You are out there, you see the problems, you perceive it and you think other people should also perceive the problems the way you have perceived it and that all our energy, resources and time should be devoted to trying to solve the problem. But what you see is that people don’t see the problems, they are very lackadaisical about it. They think that Nigeria will continue to roll on and nothing is going to unsettle it, therefore, there is no need for any emergency or the need to sit down in a very serious manner, think out solutions to these problems and save this country from perdition.  For me, in that sense, it has been very traumatic and frustrating. And when you express disgust at the things you see, they just think you are crazy. It is a very dangerous attitude for the ruling class to have, especially for the kind of resources we have as a country and also for the magnitude of our problems,” he said.

According to the senator, people are still more concerned about the problems of survival, managing and increasing what they have.

He said, “I think people’s psyche have been battered for too long to have that attitude of wanting to stand alone and be deprived of benefits and perks that are accruable to those who kowtow and massage the egos of those in power.”

Senator Ojudu said it’s near-impossible for Nigeria to move forward.

If we want to move forward through the formal and normal process, it is going to take us another century. But if there is a rupture from below, that may just bring a quicker resolution to what is happening in Nigeria,” he said.


Source: News Rescue