For Men – 3 Qualities That Will Drive Her AWAY From YOU

article-20131235213152147721000Most of the time, I focus on showing men the right things to do to make a woman fall in love with them.

Occasionally, I like to approach it from the other angle, and offer up some examples of what not to do. This is what this article is designed for– to show you what drives women away. I have to tell you, most guys are guilty of at least one of these things.

Unfortunately, you have been taught some of the wrong things since the days that you were just a little guy, and you have probably taken some of these things along with you into your adult life. Most guys are taught that to make a woman fall in love, you have to basically be a perfect gentleman, and kind of hope that this is enough to make her see the “light” and see that you are the right guy for her.

Well, as most men eventually figure out, that’s not exactly the reality of it.

Here are 3 qualities that will DRIVE women away:

1. Acting too needy for her attention.
So, they sold you the old song that you have to always be there for her and make your life center around her, and that will make her fall in love. Well, it won’t, not unless your dream is to attract a woman that needs to be spoiled, and demands that her guy is always at her beck and call. The needier you are, the more you are going to push women away from you. And, like I said, if you do attract a woman with that behavior, you are going to pay the price. You are going to end up being the guy that buys her gifts every week, puts his life on hold to satisfy her whims, and she just might end up leaving you for a guy that she IS attracted to.

2. Not being able to take charge once in awhile.
On the classic first date, a guy will usually ask the woman what she wants to go and do. And like most women will, she will put it back on you and say something like, I don’t care, what do you want to do? You have to be able to take charge and show her that you are a leader. This is not being misogynistic, it’s being the MAN of the relationship. If you always let her make all of the decisions, you know what will happen? She will walk all over you, and ditch you the minute she meets a REAL MAN!

3. Not being able to kick back and just enjoy the moment.
Most women that you will come across are all for having a good time. What attracts them is when they meet a guy that can show her a good time. Yet, a lot of guys end up being a little too uptight, especially when they feel like they need to pay attention to every little cue that she is giving off. Basically, they are thinking too much, and not just enjoying the moment. Do that enough, and she will end up getting bored or put off. If you are out with a woman, just enjoy yourself. Save all that uptight behavior for another time and place.