Photos: Lavish Life Of Saudi Royalty Revealed In King Abdullah’s Palace


A US reporter who posted pictures of Barack Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia became famous on Twitter, as her Twitter feed became the subject of a Al-Arabiya piece on Saturday and local newspapers picked up her photos, with Twitter users swamping her with tweets asking for more photos.

One would wonder what the fuss was about; it’s simply because strict censorship laws prevent Saudis from ever seeing inside the luxurious lives of their royal family.

Carrie Budoff Brown, a senior White House reporter for Politico, tweeted pictures of Obama meeting with King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia.

Her photos were mostly taken at King Abdullah’s desert retreat and saw her followers jump from 3500 up to more than 17,000 within days.

When Brown posted pictures of 89-year-old King Abdullah with an oxygen tube beneath his nose, her followers jumped from 3500 to more than 16,000 in just 24 hours. The picture generated interest because the King’s health is unknown.

Brown said she had no idea the pictures would cause such a stir.

“My stream of mediocre iPhone photos … managed to captivate, anger and surprise the country’s vast Twitter community,” Brown says in an article for Politico.

See photos below:

Gold clock the size of an armoire.
Gold clock the size of an armoire.