Islamic Preacher Mizanur Rahman Supports Chibok Abduction

UK-based Islamic hate preacher was being investigated by the police starting from May 29, 2014, for sharing a video in which he praised Boko Haram terrorists for abduction of over 200 girls form GGSS Chibok in Borno State.


 The suspect, Mizanur Rahman; praying Chibok girls as shown in Boko Haram video

In his video message, the 31-year-old resident of London, Mizanur Rahman, claimed that violence against infidels (non-Muslims) was ‘not necessarily a bad thing’.

“People want to make it out as though history began on the day these girls were taken from – sorry I should say these women – were taken from this high school in Nigeria.

“They [Boko Haram] didn’t do to these girls what the Nigerian government had been doing to the Muslims all these years. They didn’t rape anybody. They didn’t torture. They didn’t murder any of these girls,” Daily Mail UK quoted the preacher as saying in the video.

It was not the first time Rahman expressed support to Boko Haram sect. In one of his previous interviews to the London Evening Standard he declared:

“On the one hand people are portraying them [Boko Haram] as crazed lunatics who don’t know anything about Islam or society in general.

“But on the other hand if you actually read their messages they are not trying to destroy society, they are just complaining about the oppression against them and trying to better society.”

Rahman also tagged Boko Haram sect as a group full of good messages.

The preacher, who attracted the attention of the police, used to be a follower of another suspected religious bigot, Anjem Choudary.

Anjem Choudary

* Anjem Choudary says Rahman should not be prosecuted for giving a measured response to the crisis

Choudary, who was also the co-founder of the outlawed Al Muhajiroun organisation with exiled Omar Bakri Muhammad, said that Rahman was his good-old friend and he should not be prosecuted for such a statement, which may be considered as “very measured”.

Choudary added that Rahman said nothing illegal about the sect and the female students, pointed out that based on Boko Haram video, they were being looked after very well. Despite admitting that targeting girls and women during war is inappropriate, he referred to current “extraordinary” situation in Nigeria, which may justify the act of Boko Haram fighters.

Scotland Yard detectives have already started probing the videos.

It would be recalled that Boko Haram-linked violence has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives between 2002 and 2013. The group, which specialises in bombings, assassinations and abductions, is especially active in the three North Eastern States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe.

The UN security council imposed sanctions on the group on May 22, 2014.

Source: Dailymail


  1. Very soon I tell u oda islamic grups wud spring up in support of Boko Haram jst lik we ar readin nw, I tell u dey ar so many of such grups around, nt jst locally bt internationaly

  2. He should nt b releasd and uk govt should b careful abt this particular man and is group,if ur religión is peaceful as u call it let people make their choice it shouldnt b with force.

  3. Dis man should be arrested and interrogated very well,he myt be their accomplice for all i know,as for others,understand dat Muslims r nt terrorist,no Muslim must kill another nt even a non Muslim,anyone who does will b regarded as an unbeliever,and dats wat dis sects are!

  4. This is an unfortunate intervention in socio-religious crsis that is taking a toll on the nigerian society by a citizen of britain.It is a wise saying that ‘he who lives in a glass house must learn not to throw stones’.Violence has never being a tool of righteous living and it will never be. Shalom

  5. It’s rather unfortunate that a nonentity like this shud escape execution! With such a person in existent, someone should tell me how this world will be a peaceful habitable place to live in. Islamic religion should be revisited in actual term and it’s followers should be enlightened: Why should all the terrorist in this world be linked to Islam? Pls my fellow agitators, do not forget that for wheresoever in the world that Islam succeeded violence predominated.


  7. It’s a pity @ this point n whn d whole world are praying 4 save release of these girls I pray their children fall victim of such ugly situation then we see hw they will feel hopeless & idiot preachers

  8. If the UK gov’t is sensitive enof, it should beable to note that agent Rahman is directly or indirectly ploting a similar attact on innocent souls of the UK citizens. His statements indicate he is a chip off the old blocks. He should be thoroughly investigated until he vomit information about his future plans. Who ever is not against terrorism is for it. That idiot the so call Islam call a preacher of their god doesn’t deserve to live. He should be executed completely. Islam in its entirety is an evil society- the worst of all! AB NIGER SAID SO!


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