For Ladies – Great Tips To Look Like A Healthy Hottie

Want to live like a Healthy Hottie? It’s all about being happy with the reflection in the mirror.

Deprivation stops here!

Ladies by now, we’ve tried all the diets, we’ve learned the workouts, but what are the true insider secrets to a slim waistline? Forgiveness and less of the mindset of living“ without” and more about enjoying the now. It’s your time to stop aiming to “look good” which can be too short lived and start striving to “feel good” + energized every day. So ditch the mentality of dieting because that simply means “temporary” or to “live without” and who needs that?!

It’s time to introduce the concept of an Open Lifestyle Food Plan! Life is all about enjoyment and this includes enjoying your food too! Start paying attention to what foods make you feel energized and what workouts make you want to repeat them and do more of it! It’s that simple. Hint: when you have fun, you are more likely to repeat it!

So, here are a few tips that I use with my A-list celebrities to keep a slim waistline all year around!

Moderation is key. With some quick modifications you can make room for all the foods you enjoy without busting the scale!

Agree to eat a fruit and/or vegetable with each meal. These foods will fill you up the healthy way!

Carry water with you at all times. This helps create the full feeling and also reduces cravings!

My three tablespoon method. Put three tablespoons of whatever food you are ‘dying to try’ or ‘have grown to enjoy over time’ on your plate. This helps you keep things in moderation without depriving yourself of the foods you love!

Always have a “go-to” healthy snack with you at all times. If you are out on the go and hunger strikes, you will be prepared with a healthy snack instead of being tempted to go eat a less nutritious food group that is not inline with your true goals.

Workouts that you can accomplish, that work in your schedule, and most of all… make you feel powerful and strong! Lose the ones that leave you feeling defeated.

This is your year to reach your goals! Want some? Go get some! Wise ethical choices, consistent workout routine, followed by a good daily dose of gratitude will help you reach your goals quicker than you ever imagined!

So say bye bye to D-I-E-T-S and starvation and hello to a happier, healthier you!!


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