Damaged Hair? Try This Natural Mayonnaise Hair Treatment


With all the “blow drying, straightening, tonging and loads more” our hair tends to get damaged easily! And what better way to save time and money than do this super quick procedure in this easy steps!

1. Get a mayonnaise from any supermarket or market. Just the regular “mayo” we are familiar with.

2. Use warm water to get your hair all damp for the procedure.

3. Take some of the mayonnaise on your palm and gently rub into your hair, just like you do when applying your leave-in-conditioner. Apply any amount of “mayo” that you are comfortable.

4. Wrap your hair into with a shower cap or plastic wrap. This is to trap the heat to enable the procedure work effectively, the heat opens the pore and allows the mayonnaise penetrate into the strands.

5. Let the treatment stay on your hair for at least 20 mins or more, this depends on how damaged your hair really is.

6. Rinse the mayonnaise out. Using a diluted shampoo, wash your hair 3-5 times to effectively get the mayonnaise out of your hair. Use the shampoo gently so as not to tangle your hair hence making it hard to comb out.

Source: zegist.com


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