China unveils laser defense cannon


The Chinese government can now successfully shoot down drones with a 1.2 mile radius. This development was announced after the successful development of a laser-firing cannon. UPI reports:

The state-run news agency Xinhua reported Monday the “homemade laser defense system” can target low-altitude airborne targets and shoot them down within five seconds of notice of the target. The cannon is meant to be placed on the ground or mounted on a vehicle, and strike drones flying up to 112 mph and below 1,600 feet.

It is designed to destroy miniature drones which are available to terrorists and other consumers, Xinhua said, adding the system could replace police or military personnel in shooting down drones, and that a test cannon shot down over 30 drones without missing any.

In unveiling the project, the Chinese military did not offer photographs of the cannons.



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