Wizkid Has Consumed Himself With So Much Pride – Saeon’s Ex-Manager


saeon wizkid 300x224 Wizkid Has Consumed Himself With So Much Pride   Saeons Ex Manager

You must have been following this story of fast-rising singer Saeon and Wizkid..She paid Wizkid 1.5m to featureon her track and later claimed he didn’t even tweet the link on social media.Wizkid then said he even helped her by collecting 1.5m because he didn’t want to do the track.He also said she should be happy he gave her a hit track..

Cashing in on the controversy, her camp is not backing down as her manager at the time , Alex Adegbenro granted an interview to Chi Chi of UDR Radio NYC…He said…


“Contrary to Wizkid’s claims, Saeon at no point made any contact with the kid, until I set up a first meet up.
It’s funny when he said she slept in front of his house to beg him, I feel that’s a figure of speech and I feel it’s still wrong for him to say that.

She never had his contact, he also forgot that he started the same way, sleeping at OJB’s studio crying after M.I and so on. As a matter of fact, myself and his manger were the ones discussing, his manger, Godwin Tom gave us a fee, we disagreed with the fee and told him what we could afford was N1.5 m and then he came back to us and said they’ll take it.

Here’s what I think, Wizkid has contradicted himself already, he’s either not a thinker, or he has consumed himself with so much pride. Why would she pay you and then beg you. The irony of it all was that Saeon didn’t actually want to record with Wizkid, after paying, it took about a month to record the song because he was travelling a lot for shows.’

She wanted to use the money in putting out an EP, but when Wizkid got back, we pressed on getting the job done because he had been paid, now I’m not saying he was obligated to tweet about the song because I think that’s what started the whole thing, but coming from someone who was adamant about us shooting a music video so he could benefit from it.

‘And the one that got me was when he said he was going to beat her up. Saeon didn’t even get to meet him or talk to him until the day they recorded together in the studio.

And I remember he gave us a list of producers he could work with, he said it was either, Samklef, Sarz or Maleek Berry and we picked Sarz and then when he heard the beat Sarz made, he didn’t like it, so he called Sarz and was like ‘dude, you know my new sound, why do you keep making beats like this.

So we went back the second time and Maleek Berry just laced a beat and the song happened like a freestyle. I’m just a bit disappointed in him, I personally think the part of his statement where he said he would beat up Saeon shouldn’t be left alone. Well, if you look at it on the bright side, I think this whole thing has helped Saeon


  1. See diz one… U rubish die, u yeye pass saeon like madt… See the kind rubbish u dey allow come out from the qut u they call mouth… Yeye manaqer


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