Dele Momodu Reveals Photo Of Pres. Jonathan At OIC Summit With Leaders From Islamic Countries (photo)

Dele Momodu posted the picture and captioned it..

finally we have the picture of our dear president Dr Goodluck Jonathan at an OIC summit with leaders from Islamic countries…”

See photo below



  1. Nigeria is a multi religious / circular state
    I don’t know what Dele Momodu wants to achieve by this
    I will vote GEJ no matter what you write
    He is the best thing to happen to this country
    God Bless Nigeria
    God Bless GEJ

  2. goodluck, you are not even proud of your real name so you decided to go by the same name with your clueless president.if you like let your entire family members vote for GEJ, that can’t still guarantee his victory. he is a disaster to Nigerians, even though you proclaim him the best thing that has ever happened to you,. well the reason may not be far fetched, you both are birds of the same feathers

  3. Last time I check winning election is a game of numbers so how many igbo people will be able to put Gej back on power?? Coz it seems like its only igbo people that never see wrong in anytin he does, everybody complain of his incompetence and lack of stamina except igbo boys so try hard and make sure he come back to power

  4. I know some useless people will not see anything bad in what mr jonathan did in going to oic, what is his business in oic,if it is buhari that went there now,you will see some animal talking like a fool.but I know power belong to God

  5. Why is Jonathan making so much noise about Buhari islamising Nigeria? The guy is the most confused president Nigeria ever had. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Since he is living in a glass house, he should stop throwing stones.