5 Things Men Love About Black Women

Is it really true that Black men don’t want to date Black women? There are so many loud voices blasting that message. But just because someone speaks loudly, doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth! I’m here to set the record straight, and I asked some men to help me.

They told me 5 things men love about Black women (you’re gonna love this!)

1) Your curves
The brothers told me they love your hips, lips and fingertips! In fact, a 50-year-old bachelor confessed that many people assume he wants a caucasian woman because of where he lives. “I want a sister!” he told me, emphatically. “And I don’t want a skinny woman either. I want a woman with curves.”

2. Your independence
Men love a woman who is secure in herself but can still show a man that she needs and wants him in her life.

3) Your confidence

One bachelor told me that he finds a woman with strong confidence “intriguing.” He loves a sister who knows her purpose and who can wear any outfit flawlessly, no matter her size.

4. Your strength
Men need a safe place to take off their superman capes and reveal their insecurities. They find that security in Black women. One man put it this way: “I love the strength and support that our sisters provide. When a strong sister has your back, there is no mountain that a Brother cannot climb!!!!”

5. Your vulnerability

The guys told me they appreciate a woman who will tell the “raw truth,” even if she’s afraid of how her man might respond. They told me, they want to know what you need to be happy in a relationship, and they want you to speak your truth.

Some of the other things the men love about sisters are your natural hairstyles, your intelligence, and your classiness! Sisters, you are flawless!