South-South Will Vote Massively For Buhari – APC

Buhari-in-Port-HarcourtPresidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and all the candidates of the party in the South-South zone have been assured that the zone would vote massively for them in the forthcoming general elections.

The Rivers State chapter of the APC gave the assurance on Friday in a statement by its chairman, Dr. Davies Ikanya.

The South-South zone comprises of six states namely, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Edo State.

The zone is considered a stronghold of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate and incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, who hails from Bayelsa State.

While congratulating Mr. Buhari on the success of the South-South rally held in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital on Thursday, Ikanya said there is nothing to compare between both candidates when it comes to caring for people of the region.

“While President Jonathan has confessed that he deliberately refused to develop Rivers State and the entire of South-South, General Buhari built one of the refineries in South-South and constructed the only road that links Bayelsa with Rivers State.

“This shows that if he is given another opportunity, he will develop the South-South more than President Jonathan, who has refused to develop the region and therefore does not deserve the people’s vote.

“The people of the South-South will indeed vote massively for General Buhari and other APC candidates for the various elections on March 28 and April 11”, the Rivers APC chairman said.

The party commended the former head of state for promising to fight corruption frontally upon assuming office as Nigeria’s next president.

It said it concurred with Mr. Buhari that “if we don’t fight corruption, corruption will kill us as a nation”, adding that “We are privileged to have Buhari as our presidential candidate; he is the bullet we have to fight corruption and by 29th, March, 2015 when General Buhari would have being announced as the president-elect of Nigeria, corruption will be reduced by 80 percent.”.

The APC dismissed President Jonathan as an unmitigated failure, saying: “His clueless administration has run our economy aground. Our naira is so devalued and the economy in such shambles that allowing Jonathan to stay in office a day longer will spell doom for our beleaguered country”.

The party noted that under Jonathan’s watch, the PDP has continued to bomb, maim, kill and destroy anything that is APC. It alleged that over 40 of its members had been killed while its secretariats had been bombed and destroyed.

“Our lives are on the line just because of election. Dame Judith Amaechi, the wife of the Governor of Rivers State and Director General of the APC Campaign Organisation, was attacked few days ago while campaigning, by the PDP hoodlums”, it said.

“Chidi Adi Amaechi, the younger brother of Governor Amaechi, a student of Igbinedion University, Okada in Edo State, was attacked brutally and his life is on the line just because of election.

“Our campaign Directors, Ade Sam Wobo and Emmanuel Chinda, were all attacked and only escaped death by the grace of God. Is that the type of leadership that we want for South-South and Nigeria as a whole?”

The APC said the PDP hates the zone “and we will surely punish them with our votes and with the eradication of cloned cards through the use of Smart Card Reader by INEC, PDP will surely be buried come March, 28th, 2015 to save our nation from the hands of vicious and clueless leadership”.


  1. When would APC learn that the consolidation of democracy, made possible by the ruling party, pdp has enhanced Nigerians understanding of what true democracy entails.the modern, 21century democracy as practised by developed and developing countries are about building strong institutions, rule of law, women and youth empowerment through creations of jobs, issues based campaign during electioneering, commending the ruling party where practicable and offering an alternative policy and programmes where the ruling, becomes complacent and running out of steam. The opposition like APC instead of convincing Nigerians and the international community of their party preparedness to take power from the ruling party by discussing through debate, unambiguous party manifesto, civilised mannerism, the party.has now resort to all manner of thuggery, uncouth noisy and unpleasant behaviours. As opposition party, what’s APC policy on economy, foreign policy, insurgency, domestic and international, youth and women,electricity in relation to global recession affecting both the developed and developing countries?. Nigerians are sick and tired of oyegun’s politics of negative propaganda, character assassination, making insensitive comments to overheat the polity and Apc farce of change. President Goodluck Jonathan remains the best president Nigeria has ever had.yes, nigeria as a nation has challenges but under president Goodluck Jonathan, the country has move forward in terms of democratic dividends as the physical development that had eluded the country in the past are now being achieve by the ruling party. President Goodluck Jonathan means well for Nigerian people and country.God bless Nigeria

  2. PDP is my party from small till now that i no anythings about politices PDP owns this country and this nigeria


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